Is College Really Worth The Trouble?

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What if I am too broke to afford to go to college? College is expensive and the costs are continuing to rise. I ask myself this question everyday and wonder is going to college actually worth it. The future of higher education is continuing to evolve and I believe that college is affordable to anyone who truly wants to go. The future of traditional college is in jeopardy. Sometimes going to college and spending the money is not always the best option.
To begin with, I believe that college is affordable. I believe that if a person really wants to go to college than that person will achieve that goal by any means. A person who is determined to achieve higher education will exhaust all resources to make sure that this happens. There are many options to achieve this goal. These options include starting at a community college and transferring to a four-year college, applying for financial aid, obtaining a grant or scholarship, and taking out loans. These are all options that are available to anyone who wants to achieve higher education. Depending on the student and his or her goals, the best option may be starting at a community college. This gives the student an opportunity get general education courses out of the way and save money before transferring to a four-year college. If the student chooses to attend a four-year university, the student can apply for financial aid. Grants, scholarships, loans, and financial aid can help the student financially. The money will be applied towards expenses such as housing, classes, food, and books. If a person truly wants to attend college then that person will try every option before giving up. There is more to getting into college than just applying and hoping for the best.

Although, all of these resources are available, sometimes it is just not enough. Bennett states “many people are observing that higher education is in serious trouble, and as a student, you are one of the primary stakeholders. Online education solves some problems, creates others, and provides some interesting complications to the ongoing debate about how to shape our higher education policies and experiences”. There are a lot of factors that may deter a person from attending college. Some of the factors include price, availability, finding time to balance work and school, and the registration process in general. This is simply because of the advancement of technology. Just about every home in America has a computer, making access to the Internet much easier. If a student could attend an accredited school by taking online courses, then that option would be best. This way the student does not have to move away and can still attend school. The availability of the Internet allows the student to continue their lifestyle and go to school. The parents who are providing of their family can obtain a degree in whatever field of their choosing without having to leave to attend the school in person. Online courses cater to a variety of people no...

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