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Is College Worth It Essay

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Despite of whether going to college is worth it or not, recent college graduates have become more successful in their lives. Some people may think that attending college is a waste of time and money, while others feel that college gives them valuable skills in the real world. College will help the person gain the necessary work skills for his or her future job career. Moreover, the job that a person gets after college can outweigh the money and time the person spent in college. College graduates will be more favorable to have a better job than those who does not have a college degree. As our generation is rapidly changing, the work- force is getting tougher which means having a higher education is important in today’s world. Having a college degree is an obvious part of the candidate and is expected by the many employers. Nonetheless, going to college can also give students the opportunity network and develop personal connections among other students who are also interested in the career field.
In the past, my parents did not have the privilege to go to college. At the age of twelve, they had to help their family with their agricultural work in the farm. There wasn’t time for them to study and go to college. Since this is my first year in college, I feel that it is a whole new different atmosphere from high school. Instead of going to classes meeting every day, it is typically two times a week. Ever since the first semester of college, I feel that I became more independent of what my daily tasks were. I completed my homework in a timely manner of when it was due. Instead of my parents coming to my room every night to ask if I finished all ¬my homework, I feel that it is my own responsibility to finish my work. Going to college helps me become more independent and responsible.
Looking for a decent job after graduating from high school can be difficult. A high school graduate tend to have no background of job experience or any essential skills to work at a decent company. Furthermore, a high school diploma can only afford to give mediocre job that may probably the minimum wage of the city. On the other hand, college experience will help student prepare the fundamental skill to work in the particular career fields. For example, my cousin, Robert, who is in his last semester of college who is about to graduate is an intern for PG&E. While he is at school, he also has the opportunity to work and gain the vital skills that would be expected in the company. This opportunity can help him throughout his career whether from looking for a job after school or adapting a change from being just a student.
Why should I go to college when I could already start making money? Many high school students have the mindset of working and making money. During their high school days, majority of the students are restricted to work the...

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