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Is College Worth The Cost? Essay

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College. It is the seven-letter word that almost every child will hear thousands of times while they are growing up. They constantly are bombarded by the idea that they must go to college if they want to be successful. However, what if this is a false statement. What if college isn’t as great as everyone makes it out to seem. Well, these days some people believe that young people are better off, not going to college. Over the years the economy around the world has changed. It has prospered, and it has fallen. As the economy went downhill the government began cutting funds in areas that they felt were necessary to exterminate. One of the largest areas of funding that was cut was education. ...view middle of the document...

This is because the potential of pay for college graduates has been on the rise, while the potential pay for less educated people has been on the fall. (Don Lee) This increasing pay gap has shown repeatedly that the investment for a college education returns the money. If a student invests a substantial amount of money into their college education, they will be given the potential to pay off all of those loans, and the entire investment they made will be returned through their salaries they will be making. Pew Research Center has done surveys, and has completed research about college graduate wages, and they have found that college graduates aged 25-32 that are working full time earn about $17,500 more than their peers with only a high school degree. ( This is a significant difference in pay, and can cause a college graduate to earn a drastically increased amount of money throughout their life, compared to a high school graduate. In fact, over their lifetime, college graduates can make an average of 84% more money than those who stopped their education after high school. (Julie Margetta Morgan) This makes the amount of money a person invests into a college education less, in the long run, because all of the money and more will be returned to the college graduate, through the jobs they are able to gain, or pursue, and the wages they are able to make.
Along with the increased pay wages, college students also face less unemployment than people who don’t receive a college education. It is no secret that the unemployment rate has been extremely high in the United States the past couple of years. Today, the unemployment rate for young people with only a high school diploma is more than 13%. However, for college graduates, the unemployment rate is less than 5%. (Julie Margetta Morgan). This unemployment rate shows the value of a college degree. In the recession, when jobs are harder to find, many people are hiring college graduates over those with only a high school diploma. _______ states, “A college degree can illustrate ambition and give you an edge of other job applicants, or keep you competitive with them.” ( This shows that the money that is paid for a person’s college education will help students find a job quicker. This will then help them earn their college investment back, and eventually make a higher salary than those whom didn’t receive a college education.
Other than the great educational opportunities, and monetary advantages college gives a student, it also has some other advantages as well. College gives students a chance to explore new fields, and concepts. It helps students figure out what careers they want to go into, and what they want to do in their lives. ( ). This career direction college provides is very important. In high school, students are not giving much time to explore different careers. They are given the building blocks, and learn the fundamentals, to majors...

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