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Is Modern Society Really Great? Essay

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Is Modern Society Really Great?

All our lives we have been taught that change is good, but perhaps we should begin questioning our knowledgeable teachers. All non-western countries are changing today. They too are leaving behind traditional society and making the adjustment to Modern Society. Modern society is very different from traditional society.

Traditional society had a low level of urbanization; in fact, 95% of the people lived in agricultural and rural areas. These areas were basically self-sufficient where the people took care of themselves. They did not need to seek help from others; instead they simply raised their own animals, planted and harvested their own crops, made their own clothes, and tended to their own chores. In contrast, there is high urbanization in a modern society. Approximately ninety-nine percent of the people live in urban or suburban areas. This high urbanization in return causes people to become interdependent. They no longer have the land or resources to depend on, therefore they turn to others.

The birth rate also varies between traditional and modern societies. Women in traditional societies gave birth to many children, because many children made light work. The more children a family had the more hands they had for their chores. Parents in traditional societies have high expectations for their children and delegate many duties. Children in modern societies have a much simpler life. The average child today spends hours watching television and playing video games rather then tending to chores or helping their parents. People of modern societies have less children which is proven through the recorded low birth rates. It is very expensive to raise a child in a modern society; therefore, most families only have a few children. This way parents can support their children in this type of money hungry society.

Just as birth rates differ between the two societies, so do death rates. Along with the high birth rates in traditional society there is also high death rates. In traditional society the first five years are considered the most dangerous years of a persons life. Many parents lose their infants due to illness. Traditional societies are not fortunate enough to have many of the vaccines for disease prevention that are offered in modern societies. Modern societies have low death rates. Prevention, care, and treatment are provided in modern societies lowering the amount of deaths per year.

In traditional societies, education is usually not available or thought to be necessary. Therefore, traditional societies tend to have a low literacy rate; the majority of the people can't read or write. Rather then focusing on education, people in the traditional society focused on the old traditions and ways of life. However, education is a high priority in modern societies. The government gives a large amount of aid to help in education and people are dedicated to the education of both our adults and children....

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