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Is Corruption A Natural By Product Of One Party Rule In The Pr China?

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Is corruption a natural by-product of one-party rule in the PR China?Introductionthe Communist Party of China began to implement the reform and opening-up policy in 1979, great change had taken place, China's economic and social development has achieved remarkable success and the country has taken on a radically new look, but Corruption has become a major social and political issue in China since the reform, most analysts hold that corruption has worsened since the reform, and agree that the corruption is a natural by-product of one party rule in china. This article will focus on the analysis of the characters of corruption in china, the main reason and effects of corruption and the anti-corruption efforts of the Chinese Communist Party and its government.What is corruption?The notion of corruption varies with places and time. According to Chinese official terminology, the core element of the definition of corruption in current China is the notion of use of public power and public resources for private interests (Zengke He, 2000, pp.2). It includes bribery, extortion, fraud, trafficking, embezzlement, nepotism and cronyism(J.S. Nye, "Corruption and political development: a cost-benefit analysis," American Political Science Review, Vol. 61, No. 2 (June 1967), pp. 407-417).Corruption in current China is often links with negative phenomenon and unhealthy tendency within party and government departments. As a result, anti-corruption effort also includes fight against all of these phenomenon and behaviors.Corruption in current ChinaIt is widely held that corruption in china has increased to epidemic or even endemic levels since the advent of reform in the late 1970s.corruption is not a new phenomenon in china (Michael Johnston and Yufan Hao, 1993, pp. 80-94).The new Chinese leaders have given the priority to the anti-corruption work on their agenda and strengthened the anti-corruption efforts. But up to now, the corruption phenomenon is still very rife, and presently is seen as the second greatest public concerns (behind unemployment).Corruption in other two-party system or multiple-party system countriesCorruption is "an issue of first order importance" for governments around the world (Klitgaard, 1988, 6 Klitgaard, R. (1988). Controlling Corruption. Berkley: University of California Press.). In some western theoretical discussion on the corruption in China, I argued that the corruption is not a natural by-product of one party rule in China. Through the political history of the world, not only china but also other countries which have two-party system or multiple-party system may troubled by the corruption in all kind of forms. For example, as we known the United States has a two-party system over a hundred years. In the 19th century, the US government adopted a new system named "spoil system". It refers to the awarding of the victorious party enormous power over a wide array of items, including the right to appoint many high-level...

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