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Is Curfew Good Or Bad? Essay

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Every year hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers get hurt and die due to not having a time limit to staying outdoors during the nighttime which is also the time in which all criminals roam. To prevent such devastating results, we should enforce acts to put limitations to the amount of time a minor could stay outdoors. The one and only way to avert such unlawful effects, is by the government taking part by enforcing a curfew. A curfew is basically an order issued to the public or in some cases to a certain group of people, to stay indoors after a certain time given. A government or a mayor of a city can enforce this act but even your own parents as well ...view middle of the document...

Parents have a great impact on their children and how they become, therefore parents should try to morally strengthen and correct their children by their own actions, words and restrictions. Aside from the children’s parent’s , I believe the government should as well take part in trying to improve their new generation to come. They also have great impacts through their laws and restriction on how they are structuring their citizens. If a law would be put for curfews, many minors would know that not obeying would cause great problems, and so there would be an increase in the population of those who actually would abide this new curfew law.
Aside from crimes such as robbery, murders and public safety, the curfew setting a time limit would be an improvement to mental and physical problems. It would restrict a minor from leaving the home and staying up late even on weekdays which definitely is a cause to performing low in school and other health issues such as drowsiness and laziness. Research shows that an average teenager and child should at least have 8 hours of sleep to fulfill the daily needs of a minor, as it states, “Total sleep need for teenagers is greater than adults, between 8.5 and 9.5 hours.” Also, curfews allow a minor to have more time to spend with family and to keep families and parents happy and satisfied with their children. In result, it is greatly reducing the risk of family breakups. Rather than roaming in the streets which can be also called the “wild”, staying home with family and doing productive things would be much better and would keep everyone happy.
Many reports say that the most dangerous time to drive is mid-night, as it states, “Two-thirds of all motor vehicle fatalities occur between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m.” This only adds another positive towards obeying the curfew law that most definitely will save lives and help people. Accidents occur as well by the dozen, and most with a drunk driver behind the wheel, to prevent your own child to unknowingly get involved in an accident, it is better to keep them at home. Parents will feel safer and less worried about what their children are doing and how they are if they are in their sight which will of course be a mental stress reliever to them. If you let your children out at the night time and your family or friends see them getting involved into an unethical or unlawful act, then the reputation and image of your whole family will go down the drain. Even the public agrees on this as they say, “By introducing a curfew, teenagers will be encouraged to keep out of trouble and eventually will behave themselves.” As there are positives, negatives are involved as well. I believe that definitely the curfew should be put into action, but only if there are some expectations. If emergencies occur like a close one’s death or someone sick in a household, the law should allow a minor to leave.
While some agree many disagree with many strong reasons to break the rule or not to...

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