Is Current Education Relevant In Malaysia? Unit T1 Essay

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I would like to say good morning to our respected lecturers, my seniours and colleagues. I am Chin Kian Rong from Unit T1 and my speech is “Is the current education system relevant?”. Yes,I agree strongly about the current education system is relevant.
The question here is, are we very clear of what our teachers are supposed to do in the classrooms , that is, to produce the kind of students who can think critically and creatively in the classrooms and in real life situations? Hence, we should know that the Government launched came out with Malaysia Education Development Plan (PPPM) 2013 –2025 which aims to produce knowledgeable students who are think creatively and critically to compete at the international level.
In the 21st century pedagogy, teachers are expected to inculcate HOTS elements to encourage deeper thinking activities among students. Higher Order thinking Skills (HOTS) refers to the ability to apply knowledge, skills and values in reasoning, reflection, problem solving, decision making, innovating and creating something new. According to the result PISA 2012, ranking 52 out of 65 countries which took part in the survey, Malaysia scored 421 in Mathematics, 398 in Reading and 420 in Science respectively. HOTS should become the saviour of these situation.
Under (school-based assessments) PBS, students are continuously assessed and graded from Bands One to Six. It is newly implemented in UPSR and PMR examinations during 2014 and 2016. Some skills like data collection,...

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