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Is Daisy Worthy If Gatsbys Love Kings Essay

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English- Chelsea Hill
How far do you agree with the statements; below?
Daisy is not worthy of Gatsby’s love
Jay Gatsby is not worthy of the epithet ‘ Great’
I believe that Daisy is not worthy of Gatsby’s love due to her being shallow and egotistical. Personally I believe that when Jay and Daisy first met she was worthy of his love because she showed a true interest of admiration for him. They have a real connection and she wanted him for who he actually was, but after the war they distanced due to the party life that overcame society. Daisy turned into the ‘new’ type of woman; A Flapper.
Gatsby went on to re-invent himself to achieve his American dream. Daisy met Tom and she became blinded by money and objects, Tom Buchanan made her materialistic and greedy. However on Tom and Daisy’s wedding day, she receives a letter from Gatsby, this is significant because her mood changes drastically and she has a huge meltdown and contemplates her marriage. Eventually she carries through with the wedding. This scene shows how deep down she is lightly in touch with her true feelings for Gatsby but she is too obsessed and brain-washed by the rich lifestyle. However we never learn about the contents of the important letter.
We learn partway through the story that Gatsby has done pretty much everything – made a fortune out of nothing, bought a mansion, hosted extravagant parties – in a desperate attempt to win Daisy back. Even his manner of speech and the clothes he wears are part of his effort to appear sophisticated and well off in terms of finance and social standing, to make himself worthy of Daisy and her love. He buys...

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