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Even though my bachelor degree is in linguistics and world literature it is necessary to confess, that my knowledge in Danish fiction is far from excellent, if not bad. Having that in mind all commentary that will follow are to be given with humble appreciation on critic on the subject. In this essay I will attempt to use in full the spectrum of knowledge in literature and all the “linguistic instruments” that I have received during my education, to attempt a timid exploration in the field of Danish literature. And so I begin.
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Now back to my topic. In the world classic literature, Denmark has left names like Hans Christian Andersen, worldwide known with his tales for children and three owners of Nobel Prize for literature. Is Danish fiction really hot? We will try to find out.
As a young teacher in my country (Bulgaria), I really would like to ask my students the same question. We can be pretty sure, that there will be many a strange answers. Maybe they have had never heard about it, or even thought what it would be like. In our contemporary society the book is not popular or recognized like something good and useful. Reading is more connected with studying. Videogames but, are really overrated and wanted, and the TV Series have become a way of life. Let’s take “Game of Thrones” for instance. Everybody knows the film, but it is rear to find someone who had read the all six books. The excuse, unfortunately, is that the books are “too big” or “too long”. “War and Peace” is also a huge book, but one of the best works in the whole world of literature. So the conclusion is that if one book is not overrated or there is no film made on it, the book is simply not useful. This is the new way of thinking, according to the youth and its modern behavior with books.
Ashamed again, because of my ignorance, I made a small research in the field of Danish fiction. The results are amazing for someone, who is used to read a lot and now has found a whole new world of books, culture and characters. In one of my favorite genres – crime fiction, Denmark has published a lot of new books in the last few years. The reviews are full of superlatives. And not only about one section, historical novels are also very praised.
In the spirit of this year’s Book Fair in Brussels, which main theme was Crime fiction and mistery, in Denmark there were given awards for crime fiction in different sections. The Danske Kriminalakademi (Danish Crime Academy) gives out several awards for books published the previous year. The Palle Rosenkrantz Prisen recognizes the best crime fiction novel published in Danish. It is named in honor of Palle Rosenkrantz (1867-1941), who is considered the first Danish crime fiction author; his novel Mordet i Vestermarie (Murder in Vestermarie) was published in 1902. The Harald Mogensen Prisen recognizes the best thriller. It is named after Harald Mogensen (1912-2002), a Danish editor, in recognition of his contribution to the field of literary crime. But Denmark has had and continues to have many talented and widely known poets and novelists. There is, just to name one, Karen Blixen (widely known under the pseudonym of Isak Dinesen), who never won the Nobel Prize, but her tales from Africa have appealed to and enthralled audiences worldwide for a very long period of time.

Danish crime writers are not nearly as well known as their Swedish colleagues. It is hard to know why, but they are fewer and less well-known, for one reason or another.
Danish crime writers that publish their...

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