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Is "Death Of A Salesman" An American Tragedy?

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"Death of a Salesman" has been called the first American Tragedy. The basis for this is the fact that Willy, the main character, has the needed tragic flaw and tragic end, and for those who believe this is a tragedy, also is the tragic hero. I disagree with this idea, because to be a tragic hero, you need to have power and status to lose. Willy has neither power nor status to lose, except that which he thinks he has, which is really none.To have a true tragedy, there must be three main elements in the story, a tragic hero, tragic flaw, and tragic end. If you consider Death of a Salesman to be a tragedy, than you must take that Willy is the tragic hero. With that basis, his flaw could be many things. He is partially crazy, seeing his deceased older brother Ben whenever he needed support, or it could be the values he basis everything on. His values are that you must be well liked by everyone you meet, or you will never succeed, and you will never get ahead in life.With his brother getting lucky in Africa by finding diamonds, and thus getting filthy rich in a matter of 3 years, Willy's perception of success must have been warped. Also, his father was a traveling salesman till Willy was 3, and at which time he passed away. Before he died, he was a great salesman, inventing things, carving flutes, and doing whatever he could to sell things. He was very gifted as a salesman, and this surely made Willy think he could be good also. Willy also knew of a man, Dave Singleman, who was one of the greatest salesmen ever. Where ever he went,...

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2997 words - 12 pages great magnitude, Willy's obsessive quest for the American dream and the way he tries to achieve it. Additionally Willy is neither all good nor all bad, having some good qualities and some bad ones. But the fact that the series of cause and effect events that do not happen within the twenty four hour time period as given by Aristotle, "Death of a Salesman" shapes up to fall short of an Aristotelian tragedy.The second view of an Aristotelian tragedy

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1377 words - 6 pages conclusion that excites pity or terror. Miller's explains that a tragic hero does not always have to be a monarch or a man of a higher status. A tragic hero can be a common person. A tragedy does not always have to end pessimistically; it could have an optimistic ending. The play Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, is a tragedy because it's hero, Willy Loman, is a tragic figure that faces a superior source, being the American dream and the struggle

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1849 words - 7 pages skewed notion of success, but Happy has condemned himself to the same fate. One could argue, however, that the American Dream Happy seeks to live is possible for him to achieve, but at what cost to his life? Biff is the recipient of the anagnorisis, he realises that to be successful he must be happy. Death of a Salesman is a political critique of the American Dream and capitalist way of life. Miller?s rejection of this ideology is

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595 words - 2 pages the common man who faces struggles most might encounter. The common stance is one which manages to appeal widely. The “common man” and situations such as those depicted in “Death of a Salesman” are those which the common person can relate to and is effective in arousing pity in the audience. Willy, like many Americans, had his own interpretation of what the “American dream” was and he tried to accomplish it however

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971 words - 4 pages nature, idealism, and false value system. Willy eventually addresses these negative traits he possesses and sacrifices himself for his family, thus satisfying Death of a Salesman as a tragic play. An overinflated ego can rapidly cause a person’s success to perish. Willy’s tragic flaw of pride feeds his egotistical nature which causes an immense amount of distress in his family. Due to the desire to fill his ego, Willy finds a mistress who has

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3481 words - 14 pages hand, a psychological reading of Death of a Salesman allows the play to be seen as one mans flight from shame and his own weakened self image. The Marxist perspective is a viable reading of this drama but it does not truly define it as a tragedy. To better understand this piece of literature as a tragedy one should observe the psychological reading which depicts the tragedy of one man.Many people wonder if Willy is really responsible for his own

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1366 words - 5 pages The Influences of Tragedy in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman “A salesman has got to dream” (Miller ). That sums up Willy Loman’s life in just one sentence. Willy is a sixty-three year old salesman with two son, Biff and Happy, and loving, supportive wife, Linda. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Willy tries to provide for his family while struggling with financial, emotional, psychological, and suicidal issues. Willy commits suicide at

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1948 words - 8 pages becoming successful; one view believes that hard-work and support will lead to success, while the other relies on popularity, attractiveness, and likability to be successful. Willy, the protagonist of Death of a Salesman, and his family have lived their lives believing an amoral and deluded version of the American dream compared to others. Willy is a very insecure, delusional, and misguided individual who whole-heartily believes the various

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2216 words - 9 pages society. Viewers can easily identify with him, which further classifies him as a tragic hero. Although Willy is a common man, he still has some greatness. "His greatness lies in his struggle to claim some shred of dignity. He fights back against a system that is bigger than he is, that destroys 'little men' like him. He demonstrates an ability for self sacrifice." (Class notes, Death of a Salesman- Is it a Tragedy). This is demonstrated through

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5507 words - 22 pages and economic growth. However, people have difficulty in applying this term in real life. The United States has been criticized for failing to live up to the ideals that American Dream requires. However with each character in Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller claims that blind faith in American Dream causes it to lose its real ideals. And Arthur Miller is the one who doesn't criticize the American Dream as an ideology but claims that different

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2577 words - 10 pages be an ordinary 'Lowman' to be influential on an audience and because Death of a Salesman is also a criticism of the moral and social standards of contemporary America, not merely a record of the particular plight of one man. And, also, it presents Willy as a victim of the deterioration of the 'American dream'.To concludeWilly Loman is often described as a Tragic Hero. ToWhat Extent is 'Death of a Salesman' a Tragedy?Critics have hotly debated the

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570 words - 2 pages Supporting that Death of a Salesman is a TragedyIn The Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman serves as a tragic hero and the play itself is a tragedy. It has many of the characteristics of a tragedy such as the idea that Willy thinks he has no flaws with himself. Willy has many characteristics of a tragic hero, in that he is a martyr who is willing to kill himself for personal dignity. A true tragedy does not necessarily have to involve a "great

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818 words - 3 pages , the play would not be defined as a tragedy but using he definition and modern times now, we will see how the play in fact is a tragic story.The American Dream to the ideal American man is all about success and prosperity and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. The main character, whose name is Willy Loman, thinks of nothing other than success through being a salesman. His American Dream consists of being a successful, well known

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975 words - 4 pages underlying theme. Death of a Salesman includes a sad and sorrowful underlying theme; Willy’s unrelenting search for the American Dream which leads to his death. In that sense, this play is a tragedy. Tragedy is defined by Aristotle as, “the imitation of an action that is serious and also, as having magnitude, complete in itself.” A tragedy involves scenes which arouse fear and pity for humanity and evoke these feelings in the reader. There is

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1564 words - 6 pages that he is in the later stages of life, tired, and cannot retire because he has to continue to work in order to pay his bills. This situation is traumatic to say the least. “Death of a Salesman” is indeed loaded with unfortunate events with an ultimate sad outcome. Willy Loman’s pride and unrealistic dreams has gotten the better of him. He somehow believes that he is a very important salesman, making a lot of money and living the American