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Is Drinking Cow’s Milk Healthy For Humans?

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It has been brought to the public’s attention that drinking cows milk is not healthy for humans to consume. Should this product be taken off the shelves at the local grocery store? Milk is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. There are multiple advantages to the human body when milk is consumed. Milk contains nine essential nutrients, it creates bone and teeth health, and it is a large contributor to the economy in the farming communities of the United States. There are also cons to human’s intake of cow’s milk. There are negative health effects, lactose intolerance in the body, and false advertising of the product in regards to weight loss. Humans drink cows milk by the gallons since “it does a body good”; yet, the product is in the spotlight for not being healthy for human consumption.
Milk is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. The definition of milk is a white fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals for the nourishment of their young, consisting of minute globules of fat suspended in a solution of casein, albumin, milk sugar, and inorganic salts. ("Milk," 2005). Milk proteins consist of lactalbumin One of the proteins of milk (casein 3%, lactalbumin 0.5%, lactoglobulin 0.25%). Not precipitated from acid solution as is casein; hence, whey contains lactalbumin and lactoglobulin, which are precipitated by heat and can be used to make whey cheese (Bender, 2005). There are variances in the quantities of the ingredients in milk. This can be due to many variables of the individual animal that the product comes from starting with the breed of the animal, the stage of lactation, and the age and the health of the animal. The caretakers of the animals and environmental conditions also can affect milks structure. The average composition of cow’s milk is shown below:

Main constituent Range
(%) Mean
Water 85.5 - 89.5 87.0
Total solids 10.5 - 14.5 13.0
Fat 2.5 - 6.0 4.0
Proteins 2.9 - 5.0 3.4
Lactose 3.6 - 5.5 4.8
Minerals 0.6 - 0.9 0.8
Information provided from International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
There are many different types of milk and milk alternatives that are available for consumption ("Types of milk," 2014). Milk products that come from mammal’s and then the alternative that are not animal based. Standardized milk contains four point five percent milk fat is produced by a combination of buffalo milk and skimmed milk. Whole milk contains three point two five percent milk fat and it derives about fifty percent of its calories from fat, which makes it a good source of fat for infants and young children up to age two. Reduced-fat milk is also known as two percent milk, which contains two percent milk fat and it derives thirty-five percent of its calories from fat Low-fat milk also known as one percent milk and twenty three percent of its calories from fat. Skimmed milk or non-fat milk contains point five percent milk fat and it derives five percent of...

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