Is E Learning Effective? Essay

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As a trainer for a Health Trust it is my role to train all members of medical and non-medical employees how to use the clinical system. There has been a change in the clinical database by way of a new innovative system named Lorenzo which resulted in over 1000 employees being retrained on how to access the new clinical system to record their patient activity. The project began by requesting all members of staff to attend mandatory computer training as a requirement of their job specifications. As this was a vast process the training was divided in to clinical training and administrative training. The training material was developed with role specific objectives; clinical members of staff were trained to record their relevant activity and the admin staff trained on how to maintain their daily objectives. As the training continued it became clear that many staff had certain barriers towards ICT and were anxious and under-confident because of previous failures which also meant their attitude and motivation became my biggest hurdle which supports Armitage et al (2007) who identified that motivation and attitude are linked. This theory is evident when learners who attend my sessions with a positive attitude gain a higher success rate of the lessons objectives; compared to the learners who reserve negative concepts of what is expected of them, consequently producing less of an effective learning outcome.

Previously in my career I had accessed an E-Learning product named Captivate and decided to explore the possibilities of developing this software further by deploying it as a learning tool. Captivate is a development of Adobe produced to be an electronic learning tool which provides recordings and replay videos of certain sequences like a process on a computer system. It repeats steps in succession, allowing the user to reuse at their convenience. Adobe promotes Captivate by stating that it:
This paper will detail my research and conclusion whilst also covering learning outcomes KU1, 3 & 4 and A2 & 5.
Considering the points made by Knowles (1970) as summarised by
Reece & Walker (1994) on his theory of Pedagogy. Knowles suggests that learners in the Lifelong Sector have a better chance of learning a subject if that subject is of some use to them. Considering that my learners attend because their job insists; this does not always support the concept that adults will have a successful learning outcome if the topic is prosperous. Subsequently the responsibility for student motivation lies primarily within the student.
However, this is true for some of my skilled ICT learners but there are learners who would disagree. For the weaker skilled ICT learners even though the topic is useful, the motivation is absent. The diverse backgrounds and age of my learners vary from young newly qualified psychologist’s to nearly retired nursing assistants who have no incentive or desire to learn a new computer system. This highlights the differentiating...

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