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Is Education Enough For The Real World?

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Is Education Enough for the Real World?

Is a college education enough to prepare and teach you about life? A college education is important to prepare you for a career in a specialized field, but it cannot prepare you for the real world. Through my experience as a 23 year-old woman, I can say that I have learned more outside of school to prepare me for my future life. I have had to learn more through outside resources, family, friends, and love-interest relationships to be able to survive as a strong-minded female in today's society. As I read articles on education I was able to find two authors that shared my views about education in today's society: Adrienne Rich and Jon Spayde. In the article "What Does a Woman Need to Know?" by Adrienne Rich, Rich delivers a commencement address to female college graduates about the condition of women's education. As a writer and teacher, Rich states that "there is no women's college today which is providing young women with the education they need for survival as whole persons in a world which denies women wholenesss" (qtd. in Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz 66). According to interviewer and editor Jon Spayde in the article "Learning in the Key of Life," Spayde's essay reflects that education should take place throughout a lifetime and not just through formal schooling. Both Rich and Spayde believe that education should be taken to a farther extent than just what we learn in school.

Through history and culture every human being, especially women, can learn a lot about themselves and become strong-minded individuals. Adrienne Rich argues that women have been viewed as existing in the service of men, and it is only through knowledge that we can learn to overcome such a view. Rich believes that women have been denied equal rights, sexually and maternally enslaved, underpaid, and devalued. Rich stressed the fact that once a woman has gained literacy she should re-educate herself through research and experiences to find out the truth about a woman's culture and the concern of oppression. Once a woman has searched for the truth she should be able to freely express her view and her voice to others so that other women can become self-conscious and self-defining human beings. Rich considers herself a privileged woman, "I began to be able to do the work I truly wanted to do, live the life I truly wanted to live, instead of carrying out the assignments I had been given as a privileged woman and a token" (qtd. in Lunsford and Ruszkiewics 67). Later Rich states that even though not all women have been privileged with skin-color or class, all women have the privilege of education that includes literacy. Through literacy women can take the initiative to expand their minds and learn whatever can benefit them. Without the proper knowledge to become a self-defining human being, women can live in ignorance and under a male ideology.

I agree with Adrienne Rich and Jon Spayde about their views on education because I have...

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