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Is Election Free And Fair? Essay

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More than 2 lakhs voters’ names were missing from Mumbai Voters List! EC apologised but question is- Is this per chance or a ‘simple’ mistake of EC or a planned conspiracy? If latter is true, which sounds to be true, then next question is- Are old election days revisited that is not free and fair?
There has been many sting operations, investigations and exposures which seriously belittle the claim of free and fair election, like, Operation Lok Sabha ( ), Operation Prime ...view middle of the document...

I am not talking of bogus voting, though that have taken place and even shown in media and known to people. Modern day election rigging is different than what we witnessed pre T Session era when booths were captured, few persons casting entire votes on gun point. Now call centre era is in, where big political parties hire paid trolls to do photo shop, distort facts in their favour, pay media to alter poll survey, confuse voters in booth polls by various tricks, shadow candidates to offset few hundreds to thousands votes in name of caste/religion and even do bogus voting in favour of their masters. I must add Rs 300-500 and liquor is distributed among poor voters to cast their votes to desired candidates and that is very effective. The last method is used widely to get crowd to ‘listen’ to their ‘loved’ leaders.
Is there anything like free and fair election? Definitely it’s not. Whatever is happening and whatever is being exposed, do not match. What we come to know may not be tip of ice berg but positively not enough to understand that the present democracy is not for people but for the moneyed class, their agents. The election, campaign, media, etc, etc is showcase to prove that democracy exists in India or in any...

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