Is Enough Being Done To Prevent Youth Suicide ?

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Many people think that a lot has been done to prevent youth suicide. 2,415 teenagers have been committing suicide per year in the last 5 years (Hunter Institute of Mental Health, 2014). Most of them have done that due to psychological issues. Furthermore, bullying is also one of the causes that we should be focused on. In addition, technological developments make it easier for teenager to get bullied through the Internet and social media. I think people should be concerned about youth suicide rather than physical health only because it could be a silent killer to this generation. I don’t think that people have done enough to prevent youth suicide.

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On the other hand, people who need help tend to be quiet and become an-tisocial. They don't want others to know that they have problems because they are probably shy that they aren't doing well in life. If we can’t identify them and instead accidentally ignore these kinds of people, it could be dangerous because they have higher chance to think of death. They think that they have tried everything to make their life better but it doesn't work and they feel hope-less to the point that they give up their aims in life therefore they commit suicide. Whatever hap-pens, we should not ignore people who say that they want to kill themselves.

Many people have taken psychological issues lightly; some of them even ignore its pres-ence. As long as they look good from the outside, it doesn't matter what happens behind the ap-pearance. It is human nature to always want to look good, they try everything to be seen perfect. Considering that nowadays, society is becoming more and more influential to our life we have to be careful. Like I said before, technological developments have made it easier for us to contact other people and we can know what people are up to as they always use social media. People tend to compare themselves because they want to look better than the others. They don't realise that it actually create a have-to-look-perfect pressure inside them. They can’t focus on what they actually want, the aims of their life. They just care about what people say about them.

On the other hand, there are professional supports that can help youngsters to prevent youth suicide. Such as Suicide Prevention Australia, that will help people with mental problems. It helps reducing the risk of youth suicide because they can access the programs that the organiza-tion makes anytime. Even in school, there are already some rules that are being made to prevent action that can lead into youth suicide such as...

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