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Is Essay 2

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Canada has been known as a peaceful country throughout the years. Its modest image has kept them from being attacked by terrorist. In Robert W. Murray and John McCoy article, “From Middle Power to Peace Builder: The Use of the Canadian Forces in Modern Canadian Foreign Policy,” it talks about how Canada wanted to be established as the peacekeeper between other international powers. Robert W. Murray and John McCoy discusses ideas about a Canadian foreign policy that was created to maintain a middle ground between large and minor powers. Canada did a lot to dedicate itself to ensuring its national security by faithfully participating within many international institutions. McCoy and Murray ...view middle of the document...

National protection was to determine how Canada would be established as a middle power. They developed their security policies based on how they thought they would be able to maintain peace amongst the super powers.
In Murray and McCoy article, they define national security by discussing how Canada strives to become a super power. They talk about the influence of the United States had on Canada. Canada wants to thrive like the United States in military. Canada continues to grow in military because they are also a little afraid to be terrorized. The United States is like a role model to Canada because it is a power nation, and Canada wants to be just like them. Unfortunately, Canada’s neutral attitude was getting them nowhere, and they decided to take on a more dominate approach.
While Canada continues to grow on an international level a deeper look at their foreign policies is necessary. Their growth from a neutral position to a peace building country with a brand new military will help them grow as a country. Although Canada is ready to expand into a global power it should maintain its normative policy. If the policy is not maintained it can be foregone, and ruin Canada’s traditional role as reviewed in this article. Since Canada has been a middle-class power for so long it should continue that way until better alternatives present themselves.
In doing so, this will help Canada achieve their ultimate goal of becoming a dominant country on an international level because Canada is not able to be a peace keeping country. As a country Canada’s goal was to try to help establish world policies. These policies consisted of: orderly adjustment, peace, and order. These policies that Canada brought up where the same policies that dominant powers, such as The United States and China were already qualified for. The difference was that Canada was not as strong and was weak. Therefore, when the policies were brought up for them to be a peace keeper, there was no bad intentions thought of by other countries. Mainly because Canada was not trying to gain nor facing anything to lose if this world policy was to be established.
To prove their readiness and commitment to these policies Canada participated in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan. Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan did not end very well, because it showed that they were not ready to become a high power. They went from a middle power country with neutral positions to a falling power with less reputation. During the Cold War Canada had a protection strategy on to how to protect itself from the nuclear war and at the same time maintain international order. Canada used a strategy of protection in order to keep the peace, and to avoid any type of nuclear war. Their decision was to help keep other countries in order, while also maintaining the war to stay cold and not turn into a world...

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