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Is Ethnic Profiling Really Helping Society?

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Is ethnic profiling really helping society?

Ethnic profiling has been around for some time but is it getting worse? Are too many people going to far? Is it hurting or helping society?

Many believe that ethnic profiling is only helping society and but in reality its only tearing us apart for because of the following reason.

“Muslims endure long delay to become U.S Citizens they're pulled out of lines at airports

and treated differently from other passengers (Lamkamp)”. Muslims are getting denied to become American just because of their Ethnics. Thats assuming that all Arabs or Muslims are terrorist. Thats like saying all Caucasians are rich. Which not all of them are.

“ Travel for many from the middle east has often been quite difficult, but following 9/11 and the Arab Springs it seems to be worsening (Kuwait).”

Even though the terrorist attack in 9/11 was horrendous event to go through people should not

assume every middle eastern is a terrorist.

Many Middle Eastern are afraid of traveling because they think they might get pulled out of lines and get harassed. No one is better than anyone else therefore no one should be able to put themselves on a higher pedestal because they're a different ethnics.

Although many believe ethnic profiling is helping society because it helps stop terrorist attacks they're incorrect for the following reason.

“ I thought they'd be happy I was leaving but instead they kept me waiting and were glaring at me as if I were a criminal. What's worse they ignored me completely and didn't tell me what was wrong( Ahmed)”.

First and foremost they ignored her like she was not even there. Like she was less than a person

Its unlawful that someone who has done nothing wrong and most likely has a family at home waiting for her had to stay and kept waiting like she was a criminal.

“When I landed they asked me all sorts of things. They seem to know every detail of political issue in Lebanese and mentioned groups and villages that I have not even heard of (Rania)”

She should not have a thousand questions asked to her because she lives there maybe she stays at home...

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