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Is Evil Born Or Made? Essay

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Evil people are found throughout the entire world. Young or old, small or large, evil people exist all around the world. Rather hurting other people or animals, these acts are inhumane and abnormal. Any act of violence is wrong, but actually harming or killing other people or animals is over the line. Evil has been studied for thousands of years, and the root question is always, is evil born or made? Children can be completely normal and be a great child, and as they reach middle adulthood they could fall off the deep end.
On a study of this controversy of nature versus nurture, Ulysses Handy was observed. He was a normal child raised in a religious home with his single mother. He was ...view middle of the document...

Diane wrote about a nine year old boy who thought he was listening to his father. When the boy was young, his father had told him to kill things to put them out of misery, since his father was a hunter. One day the boy came in to find his father and the roommate of the home barely clinging to life. Instead of going for help, the boy had reportedly used a 22 caliber rifle to shoot his father four times, and the roommate six, to “end their suffering”. This boy not only misinterpreted information his father strictly used for hunting, but he was also thought to be abused. Like Dr. Albow said, the murderers have a reason why they did things, and this young boy’s caretaker influenced him the wrong way.
Children who have killed have either been abused beyond their limits, severely mentally ill, or extremely antisocial and decided on reflecting pain on others. Children that are callous, which is unemotional, have many factors that have turned them this way. Some parents start to neglect children at young ages so they retaliate in their own way by getting the attention they need, but not in the good way. Also, most parents who abuse their children show them that when they’re beating the child they show no remorse, and show how angry they are. The effect of this makes the abused children think no remorse and abuse is acceptable. Children who have been abused see the world as a different, more dangerous place, at an especially young age. As the child gets older the individual gets more skilled and developed in the process of becoming a psychopath. Psychopaths are most often enraged in memories of a dramatic incident that occurred in their past. In the article, “To what extent are psychopaths born and not made?” Nancy Darling...

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