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Is Fanfiction Against The Law? Essay

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Is fan fiction illegal? Fan fiction is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the law and writing online so in other words fan fiction is not illegal. Does fan fiction violate copy right law? If people can right parodies or doujinshi then why do people that write fan fiction get so much grief? Many have the assumption that fan fiction well effect the original they forget that the piece is listed under fan fiction in thus it is obviously not written by the original author, therefore fan fiction does not violate copyright.
For those who do not know what fan fiction (fan fic / fics) is, “fan fiction is fiction written by fans of a television show, move, etc. Book characters and ...view middle of the document...

His parents originally died in the manga) is cold and detached from his family because his parents favor his younger twin sister whom happens to be the jinchuriki (someone with a chakra beast sealed also known as a tailed beast there are nine in total in them.) Then there are fics that perceive certain characters in an extremely negative light these fics are known as bashing fics these fics are common in the anime/manga archive on a popular one is Naruto’s Mysterious Power. Most authors of fan fiction believe that as long as they have create the plot that it should not count as infringement because the fan fiction author give a strong disclaimer even when it just says “I own nothing” though if they really think about it they do not even take responsibility for their own characters or plots in thus allowing less informed individuals to mistake their piece as an exact copy of the original. But that is because they do not understand how fan fiction has anything to do with copyright after all they did give a disclaimer even if “I own nothing” does not suffice. The disclaimer in a fic can be able to protect the work from copy right by allowing the reader to know what work is the authors or what came from the original. “... originally belongs to … but I am using my own OCs and plot” is away that one can write a disclaimer to avoid infringement. It allows fan fic authors to take liability for their pieces and possibly cause interest in readers to possible read the original piece thus placing the fic under the fare use clause.
Should writers on line list all their resources? Yes like people writing a research paper on a subject without having all the possible information and to remove risk of copyright violation like some online news articles have been proven to give a list of were the retrieved there information. Sighting sources allow thus who wonder were cretin aspects of fics access to were the information came from for example “hai¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬-yes translated on Google translate” (a Change of Heart an Inuyasha Fanfiction ch.1) Offering a work for adoption is not a violation of site polices and allows for readers to finish the reading the work and the authors transfer all the available. Fan fiction does in some cases fall under the fare use clause if the author gives a descent amount of acknowledgement to the original author and piece.

Some sites have the right to delete works online without giving notification; this wrong because if the author has notification then they have a greater chance to correct their violations and keep their works on the site. Site should outline what the restrictions are and allow fanfic writers to know what guidelines to works with so these writers can keep their works on the site. Current sites have...

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