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Is Fashion Important? Essay

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Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, what is happening, and ultimately, the way we live.” I have always taken this as one of my life quotes that I think about everyday when getting up and getting ready. Most people think that fashion is something that has to be expensive and most of the time people don’t have a fashion since. They are wrong, fashion is everything, it is the influences that we have in our lives and everyone has their own and different style. People do not need the expensive clothes, what is “in”, everyone is different for a reason. Fashion in influenced by many different things, fashion is visible but overlooked by people all the time, what people think fashion is and what fashion really is, why is it important. These are just a few things that explain why fashion is important throughout our lives.
There are many different influences in fashion but some of the most important are society, culture, weather, personal experiences, beliefs and values of an individuals. Throughout history what people can and can’t wear has been controlled by government regulations and laws. At one point in western Europe, they controlled what people would wear so it would prevent the middle class from dressing like the upper class. In China, only emperor could wear dragons because a symbol of upper class. It also happened in the United States during World War II through how long women’s skirts could be because of fabric rations, meaning there was not a lot of fabric to go around so they could not get a lot of fabric. There are still regulations on how modest men’s and women’s dress must be worldwide.
The weather has become a major influence on what people wear everyday, it has since the beginning of time. In most countries they use layers in order to protect their bodies from sun and cold weather. Over the years people have realized what type of fibers and fabrics to wear in certain types of weather. Take wool for instance it is an insulator for heat, so people would usually wear during the winter or cool months of the year. Also linen is not an insulator of heat so people would usually wear linen during the summer or hot times of the year, if linen is worn during the winter people would usually pair it with a jacket or a wool sweater. Tights are another great thing to have during the winter because they feel warmer due to how tight they are on the body. While loose clothing is usually worn during hot climates because they give air circulations through the clothing.
Self-expression is used in fashion more and more each day. People can dress to identify with a specific group of people or an artist or famous person they admire. People over the years are stray away from what society is doing with fashion and becoming unique and one-of-a-kind, but others choose to follow...

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