Is Feminism Dead? Essay

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got a lot of info off of internet very good research, very structuredIs Feminism Dead?What is feminism? There are many different interpretations of the word'feminism'. However, most people agree that feminism is the theory that menand women should be equal politically, economically and socially. The feministmovement is a group of men and women who believe in feminism and are tryingto eliminate the inequality between men and women.Feminism, as it was first known, has almost died out completely. Feministgroups today are integrating many more issues into feminism. This seems to bea good thing at first. However, it is driving women away from feminism and manywomen are insulted or embarrassed to be called feminists because of thenegative connotation feminism has adopted.There are many different types of feminism. The theory that there arefundamental personality differences between men and women, and that women'sdifferences are special and should be celebrated is called cultural feminism. Thistheory of feminism supports the notion that there are biological differencesbetween men and women, for example, 'women are kinder and more gentle thenmen', leading to the mentality that if women ruled the world there would be nowars.Cultural feminism is the theory that wants to overcome sexism bycelebrating women's special qualities, women's ways, and women's experiences,often believing that the 'woman's way' is the better way.Another type, individualist feminism, is based upon individualist orlibertarian (minimum government or anarchocapitalist) philosophies. The primaryfocus is individual autonomy, rights, liberty, independence and diversity. Moderate feminism is a branch of feminism that tends to be populated mostly byyounger women or women who have not directly experienced discrimination.They tend to question the need for further effort, and do not think that radicalfeminism is any longer viable and in fact rather embarrassing.Radical feminism is the breeding ground for many of the ideas arisingfrom feminism. This type of feminism was the cutting edge of feminist theoryfrom approximately 1967-1975. It is no longer as universally accepted as it wasthen and no longer serves to solely define the term, 'feminism'. This group viewsthe oppression of women as the most fundamental form of oppression, one thatcuts across boundaries of race, culture, and economic class. This is a movementintent on social change, change of rather revolutionary proportions, in fact.Radical feminism questions why women must adopt certain roles based on theirbiology, just as it questions why men adopt certain other roles based on theirs(Colleen's Feminist Home page).Feminism is not a very old concept. For most of history women have beenviewed as the lesser sex and did not argue this point. However, there have beensome very powerful and influential women in history.Cleopatra the powerful but, ill-fated queen of Egypt (51-30 BC) came torule with her brother at age 17 and alone at age...

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1644 words - 7 pages , Jeanie. "Women's Performance Art: Feminism and Postmodernism."  Theatre Journal. May 1988. Irigaray, Luce. "This Sex Which Is Not One."  Feminism: An Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism. Ed.  Robyn R. Warhol and Diane Price Herndle.  New Brunswick, NJ:  Rutgers UP, 1991. Kristeva, Julia. "A Question of Subjectivity--an Interview."  Modern Literary Theory:  A Reader.  Ed. Philip Rice and Patricia Waugh. New York:  Routledge, Chapman

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