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Is Genetically Engineered Salmon Safe For Human Consumption?

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Evaluation Argument
As the United States population has increased 75 million to 317.9 million humans in hundred years. So has the demands from seafood increasing as well. Americans consumed 4.5 billion pounds of seafood a year. The company of AquaBounty Technologies has been trying to create a product to combat the grow demand to produce enough seafood with crippling the wild fish population. The company created a genetically modified Atlantic salmon as a solution for the problem .The genetically engineered AquAdvantage Atlantic salmon grows twice as fast as regular salmon. In order to get the Atlantic salmon grow twice as fast the received growth hormone into fertilized salmon eggs. This allows them fish to produce year-round. AquAdvantage genetically engineered Atlantic salmon has product been approval by Federal and Drug Administration for human consumption. As a representative for the Center for Food Safety, a U.S. non-profit organization that works to protect the environment and human health. I evaluate elevated the AquaBounty Technologies product of genetically engineered AquAdvantage Atlantic salmon on the criteria healthy for humans, feeding practices, and environmental impact. I determined that Center for Food Safety will promotes repeal of the FDA approval commercialized sell of genetically engineered salmon.
Through the research done to study genetically engineered salmon, it has been provide that it not good for human consumption. Genetically modified salmon present the higher levels of Insulin-like Growth Hormone are than wild salmon. The higher levels of IGF-1 absorb in humans has shown to increased risk prostate, breast and colon cancers. In addition genetically modified salmon have a lack of nutritional value compared to wild salmon. The differences is genetically engineered salmon lack the regular amount of chemicals found in salmon for example vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Also the most important aspect to health for humans, the values omega 3/omega 6 ratio that reduce people risk of stroke, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other chronic conditions.
Another problem genetically engineered salmon feeding practices for Aqua Bounty Technologies AquAdvantage Atlantic salmon. The AquAdvantage Atlantic salmon are be feed genetically modified soy and canola. This means there genetically modified organisms in the food you consume. The same Genetically Modified Organisms that companies like General Mills, Post Foods and Chipotle that are now making food without any genetically modified ingredients. The problem with genetically modified organisms is that they have not received adequate testing and there are unknown side effects from consuming them. Also AquAdvantage Atlantic salmon feed some poultry and mammalian by-products in which contain antibiotics, and growth hormones. Unlike wild salmon, farmed rise fish are injected with antibiotics which change the food quality the fish. The excuses of use amount...

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