Is George A Good Friend To Lennie (Of Mice And Men) English Essay

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Is George Really A Good Friend To Lennie?
George is the most caring person in this book (other than Lennie) and he is especially nice to his travelling companion Lennie. But is it really just a companionship? Throughout the book we see George telling Lennie what to do. And even at points he admits that he has told Lennie to do stupid things. But none the less he has stuck by him and has gotten him out of many hard times, how could he not be a good friend?
First let’s consider their time in weed, more importantly the ‘incident’. If George was a bad friend and didn’t care about Lennie then why would he have helped him out of weed? When Lennie says, ‘they run us outta weed’ George replies with ‘“run us out, hell” said George disgustedly’ this shows maybe George wasn’t run out but was just trying to protect Lennie.
George is less of a friend and more of a guardian angel to Lennie with everything he has done for him, large or small. A good example of this is in the brush when George tells Lennie ‘you never oughta drink water when it ain’ runnin’ Lennie ’. George is trying to keep Lennie not only alive but healthy as well. This might not really be ‘guardian angel’ stuff but he is still protecting Lennie like a friend would.
When George takes Lennie’s mouse away from him it makes George seem like he isn’t very nice early on, whereas he is actually helping Lennie. Lennie tries to get around this by saying ‘ain’t a thing in my pocket,’. This mouse, which was dead, probably had some kind of disease lingering around and would have made Lennie in an even worse state for working.
One of Georges greatest moments of friendship, is when he describes the dream to Lennie, and how vivid he is in his imagery. From the ‘build up a fire in the stove an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the roof’ to the ‘vegetable patch and rabbit hutch’. If George didn’t care about Lennie at all why would he have made this story up for him?
Even when he tells Lennie to hide in the brush he is looking out for him as not only does he expect Lennie to ‘get in trouble’ he...

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