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Is Global Warming A Threat? Essay

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What is global warming? What causes it? Who or what does it affect? Is it a threat to Americans and our universe? There are many different answers to these questions that people don’t know or think about. Global warming is affecting us in many ways, good and bad that we don’t notice. Based on the effects of global warming reported it affects us more bad than good in my perspective.
Weather is what we experience each day. Climate is the sum of all weather’s over a certain period of time for a region or for the planet as a whole. Global warming is an increase in these overall temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere. During the twentieth century, the earth’s temperature rose one degree ...view middle of the document...

Pollution makes a great deal of the effect of global warming worse also. Things that cause global warming not only effect earth but the creatures living on it also.
One of the biggest causes of global warming by far is carbon dioxide. This primarily comes from the burning of coal for heat and electricity and from burning of other oil-based products. Carbon dioxide heats the atmosphere just a little acting as a trigger for water vapor, by allowing it to take up and retain more moisture, which warms the atmosphere eve more. Carbon dioxide is also provided in the burning of fuel, diesel…etc. in transportation and burning of fossil fuels, which are also human activities.
The United States is still borrowing money from china to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn in ways that destroy the planet. This is not only harmful to the planet but it also keeps us in debt to another country. Heat- trapping gases from power plants, automobiles, deforestation and other sources are warming up the planet. Transportation accounts for at least 10 percent of Global warming pollution. In fact, the five hottest years on record have all occurred since 1997 and the 10 hottest since 1990 including the warmest years out of the two on record – 2005 and -2010.

Most of the effects of global warming can cause many health problems for humans and can also be harmful to our plants and animals. Global warming has cause some animal to become extinct, forest fires, and even effected our plants greatly. Global warming is not just one thing it includes many different events dealing with the planet. Global warming includes; climate changes, droughts, floods, storms, tornados, and change in atmospheric temperature. As global warming increases the things, places, and people it affects increases also.
The weather and climate changes caused by global warming affect humans in more ways than they think. Many people don’t see these global warming increases as harmful. Global warming increases smog pollution in some areas and makes asthma and pollen allergies worst. Weather changes such as hotter weather also increase more periods of droughts in some areas ceasing crop production to decrease.These rising temperatures also allow disease- carrying mosquitos to spread and survive in formerly inhospitable areas.
Global warming’s climate changes cause weather crisis like heat waves, heavy rains, and droughts. Scientific estimates suggest that extreme precipitation events from down pours and white outs are more than ninety percent likely to become more...

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