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Is Google Buzz Taking On E Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, & Present.Ly?

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Is Google Buzz taking on E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, &
As I log in to my laptop my daily startup-routine continues to expand. I launch a slew of websites to catch up on email, chat, and find out what’s going on in the world, locally and in the tech world. I’ll launch outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and now I find myself launching Gmail as well, for Google Buzz, I didn’t use Gmail but did use Google apps for email.
What is Google Buzz?
Google Buzz was launched on Tuesday as an integrated social media application within Gmail. It allows you to stay connected to your friends for a real time interaction. Similar to Twitter where you can post a status but there seems to be no limit on how many characters you can publish, you can upload pictures (rather than a link) or sync with Picasa, you can display link and it’ll give you a little snapshot of it. It also allows your followers to comment and like your post.
Many are talking about how Google Buzz is taking on Twitter/Facebook. I don’t necessarily see it as a threat but a very simple tool that if used could prove to be better than Twitter, Yammer, or for an internal network.
Is Google Buzz trying to change email?
I don’t think so as Sergey Brin put it there are different “social expectations” with email, IM, and something like Buzz. Email it’s more formal or personal that might require more attention. IM can be casual or serious but there’s an expectation to respond similar to email. With Twitter/Facebook/Buzz there’s no real expectation for one to respond unless it’s being used to collaborate.
Google recently did attempt to take on a collaborative suite with Wave, but quickly learned that people weren’t ready to evolve their email habits. Now we have Buzz.
How about to Twitter?
Twitter gives you a platform to share publicly with everyone; Twitter had such a spark in growth because of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, and even President Obama. But I don’t see that happening on Google Buzz, as it is a little more personable than Twitter. It’s integrated within your email so you’re already more protective of it than say an application like Twitter where it’s public.
What about to Facebook?
It’s not a threat to Facebook, because Facebook offers a different user experience today than does Buzz. Facebook is a more rich experience. Google Buzz I keep on and it’ll run in the background. Facebook is something that I need to be on and spend time on. It’s more interactive from groups, fan pages, applications, events, video, and so much more. People spend hours playing games on Facebook. The two are different. Google Buzz helps you converse in real time Facebook helps you stay connected and possible even gives your personal life structure.
Is it a Threat?
Where Google Buzz is a threat...

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