Is Google Glass Our Friend? Essay

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As the world evolves into a new era of technology, people are required to change their means of communication. On this path moving forward, we are discovering that technology is not just ordinary, but is fastened to our everyday actions and the ways that we interact with others. If a company decides to go out on a limb and develop a product, they do so, regardless of what other believe, because they know that people will adapt to what is given to them, and the consumers simply don’t know what they want. Although the tricks that companies try to play are clearly visible, the buyer continues to go through with purchase moving along the curve of distrust to the point of complete dependence on the product, it is at this point in which the device has completely enticed the user, leaving all of their fears and/or doubts behind.
Glass, Google’s new wearable computer with an interactive smartphone-like display, natural voice command support, and wifi connectivity is the latest in future-like technology, but is Glass our friend? Among the users of extreme technological advances such as Glass, not enough attention is given to the vast amount of private and personal information being shared with advertisers and the government. Users don’t think about the companies Glass connects to, and they aren’t aware how much personal information Google accesses that they actually don’t need. Although Google has done much to make our lives better, it is evident that the money Google makes is from our own personal data. Google’s strategy is perfect, the more information that you hand over to them the more useful Google Now and Glass become, and the more you will depend on them. Google baits the consumers into their “product ecosystem”, where the users begin to believe that the more private information they give Google, the better Google will serve them. Yes, Google does fulfill users expectations, but it performs much more than originally asked for. Furthermore, “part of the company’s vision was to integrate Google Now, a virtual assistant that interacts with Google Calendar, Gmail ,and the users current location to push information and reminders” (Thompson). Claire Miller, an author for the New York Times, initially felt “creeped out” (Miller) when she found out that Now had been tracking her every step for the past few months, but after a few days of using Now she began to depend on it. Instead of checking the traffic herself, she knew Google would keep her updated. This proves a prediction by Amit Singhal, Google’s senior vice president in the search department, who stated that if a device is with its...

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