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In today’s faster and modern world, technology has altered most people to a great extent; so much so that many of us are now living easy sedentary lifestyles. But has this ease been educating us or has it just made us lazy and sedentary? Just like any other matter, there are two sides to the coin, as far as modern day lifestyles are concerned.

Some of the most important innovations of technology in recent years are the various forms media. These include social networking such as Facebook and twitter or huge search engines such as Google and Yahoo which play a major role in the modern education. Google gives a limitless amount of information fast, easy, free and in any form of graph, text or video. In old days, Education evolved around studying a Hand book, but now, it is more advanced and practical. Especially in recent years, computers have played active part in the modern education and are constantly used for doing assignments, carrying out research and presenting the obtained data to people all around the world. For instance, in terms of science, Google has made us more aware of the diseases around us; people can just search a disease that is currently spreading out somewhere and receive a huge amount of data of how it works or how to prevent getting it.

In the article “is Google making us stupid? ‘Carr argued that the ease of online searching and the amount of distractions of browsing through the web were probably limiting his capacity to concentrate when doing other tasks, such as reading a book. He complains about the fact that he is becoming a skimming, browsing reader, rather than a deep and engaged reader.
"I'm not thinking the way I used to. The kind of deep reading that a sequence of printed pages promotes is valuable not just for the knowledge we acquire from the author's words but for the...

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