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Is Gun Control The Answer? Essay

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It seems like every time we hear about a violent crime involving firearms the focus is turned to gun control. This has turned the issue of gun control into a major debate in our nation. When it comes to taking a side on the issue many people decide completely on an emotional level instead of looking at the issue rationally. People think that solving violent crimes involving guns is as easy as taking away the guns. How do you go about taking guns away if that is the solution, or what will the effects be of taking guns away from people who don’t use them for crime? The lack of information on this issue leads to an unequal view on gun control and can completely distort the ability of that individual to be able to take a rational stand on the issue. I believe that by being open to the facts of gun control that involves elimination weapons people will find that this type of gun control is not rational and therefore is not the answer for the gun control debate in our nation.
What exactly is gun control? This question is where much of the misconception begins. Many people would reply to this question simply by saying taking away guns. They are correct but this is just a small part of what gun control actually is. The authors of the article, "Does Gun Control Reduce Crime or Does Crime Increase Gun Control?” give a good definition for what gun control is. “Gun control is an umbrella term covering everything from laws prohibiting the ownership of defined classes of firearms to mandating the inclusion of gun locks with every firearm sold.”(Moorhouse) The first step to making a stance on any subject should be to fully understand what all is contained in the issue. In this case many people hear the term gun control and automatically start making assumptions when the part of gun control being mentioned could be as simple as background checks on the sales of firearms. A second misconception is that people don’t think about how these laws are going to be enforced. “The effectiveness of a particular gun control statute depends not only on its being on the books but the degree to which the law is enforced.” (Moorhouse) Many of people think of these laws that are being passed and even though it seems like a smart idea and would work they fail to think about how the law is going to be enforced. Many gun control laws are being debated that are virtually impossible to enforce which renders these laws to be an absolute waste of money. Being fully informed on the subject of gun control is a must to be able to make a logical stance whether or not it is for or against the issue.
The only reason for our nation to enact gun control laws is to reduce violent crime. There is no other logical reason for gun control outside of reducing crime. If gun control proves to be ineffective in reducing crime rates then why have it? While researching this I found time after time where statistics have shown laws such as banning handguns to be completely ineffective in reducing crime...

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