Is Hamlet's View Of His Father A Believable One?

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Is Hamlet's View Of His Father A Believable One?In this essay I am going to explore Hamlet's view of his father and see if it is a believable one. In the play we learn that Hamlet loved his father and felt great grief when he died. Hamlet has always had a very high opinion of his father and because his mother married again so quickly Hamlet only has his step-dad Claudius to compare his father to.He hates Claudius so much because he has taken his father's place in his mother's affections. Because of the death of hamlet's father and his mother re-marrying so quickly Hamlet feels he has a lot to grieve about. Hamlet feels that everyone else has forgotten about the death of his father but some might argue that they have faced facts and moved on. Evidence for this is when the king saysHow is it that the clouds still hangon you.He is saying that clouds in general can be dark and dull and he says they are hanging over Hamlet because of his emotions and the way he acts. It's not the King that has moved on, the Queen has to and she thinks Hamlet should move on by telling him everyone dies sometime. Hamlet's appearance the clothes he wears and the way he dresses shows to the world how upset he is. Everyday he will wear only his "inky cloak" and everyone around him feels he has gone to far. He picks up on the word "seems" and makes it clear that he is not pretending as actors do but hasthat within which passes showSome people appear to be different from what is happening inside them. Claudius tries to diminish Hamlet's grief by using the speech everyone loses their father.Thou knowest 'tis common. All that livesmust dieThis may be true but Hamlet seems to feel that only bad things seem to succeed. Like the loss of his father then later on we find out his girlfriend Ophelia dies and two of his best friends try to kill him. Hamlet feels these experiences are bad and they have only happened to him. He thinks his mother's marriage is wrong and cannot "come to good", startled by only natural life Hamlet feels as though he could just melt away and yes suicide is an option he'd like to consider.Hyperion was a God and this is who Hamlet compares his father to where as he sees Claudius as a "satyr" which is a bad creature.Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother that he might notbeteem the winds of heavenHamlet seems to believe that his father was a God and loved his mother a lot. Their love was very strong towards each other.Must I remember? Why, she would hang on him As if increaseAppetite had grownHamlet knows that the King would never hurt her so he is very confused why she re-married so quickly. Hamlet feels that she has let down the family and disgraced his mother's memory for she has had no time for grieving. In Hamlet's head there are lots of images to do with the speed his mother moved on. Hamlet is saying you can't off loved my father that much or you would not of married my uncle and stopped mourning so quickly as in the quoteWould have mourned longer...

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