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Is Happiness The Best Good? Essay

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Happiness? Is happiness the best good? In book 1 chapter 7 Aristotle brings up the topic happiness and is it the best good for humans. He says “But presumably the remark that the best good is happiness is apparently something [generally] agreed, and we still need a clearer statement of what the best good is. Perhaps, then, we shall find this if we first grasp the function of a human being” (1097b22-25 Aristotle). That statement is saying the main function of Humans is to look for happiness. Aristotle thinks happiness is to broad of an assumption and that there are several types of happiness that branch off of happiness its self.
Aristotle says humans need a clearer statement of what the best good is. Human beings already have happiness to chase after; but Aristotle believes there are different kinds of happiness. With the different types we get people trying to strive for different types of happiness and are maybe ...view middle of the document...

Happiness is living well and being well. Aristotle can not stress enough as to which happiness to chase after. Aristotle hints that pleasure is not happiness, which would take pleasure out of the equation. A little pleasure is okay but not to much. Happiness is not something that happens in only a few hours or can be lost in a few hours. Aristotle interpation is that it is an end goal in life, its measuring the expectations you lived up to as a human being. Throughout your life you can not say you are happy or lived a happy life. Aristotle says we make that judgement at the end of our life. We make that judgement on the goods that contributed to our happiness. This is where Aristotle interepation comes in to play. There is not one single good in life that makes us happy but instead a bunch of little ones combine together. For example, there is family life, health, sexual satisfaction, your friends, appearance and your mental well being. All of those goods help but some are bigger then others. So maybe Aristotle did find out the key to happiness and helped make a clearer statement that he said was needed earlier.
Aristotle argument is a valid about happiness. Human beings main function in life is to be happy. Reading what Aristotle has to say about happiness make us ponder but I agree with what is being told. Aristotle is right with saying that there are numerous goods that contribute to happiness. It is good to have a little bit of everything. Health, sexual satisfaction and family life some of goods needed to be happy. On the other hand, there is one premise Aristotle states that I don’t agree with. He says that human beings need a clearer statement of what happiness and good is. He does not think we know what we are chasing after. I think he is wrong when he says that. Happiness is something people do that makes them feel good. And I do what makes me feel good, I know what makes me happy. Happiness is very clear. People do not need a clearer definition of happiness. We know that feeling when we are happy. I don’t think there is any confusion at all with happiness. It is pretty self explanatory. That is the only statement of Aristotle that I would have to disagree with.

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