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Heroes! What are heroes? Heroes are considered to be Spider-man, Batman, Superman, and etc. Heroes can be humans. In the Odyssey by Homer which was an epic poetry with a human and epic hero actions. Odysseus is a human with many epic heroes like actions. His epic hero actions have been amazing. Odysseus shows he is human by emotional action, but he demonstrates he is an epic hero through his actions of bravery, and actions of strength.
Odysseus is showing many human like feature and actions; one human emotion was shown many times. His emotion does get the best of him. Odysseus demonstrates emotion (972) when he grieves his mother’s death. “Now came the soul of Anticlea, dead, my mother, daughter of Autolycus. When he went to the Land of the Dead he found out his mother had died. Odysseus has also have his human emotion get the best of him when he returned from his 20 year journey and found his dog fighting his last breath, dying in front of his master (1000). “But death and darkness in that instant closed the eyes of Argus”. Argus had died in peace in front of his master Odysseus. Odysseus has cried when he returned home and got tested by Penelope (1017). “Now from his breast into his eyes the ache of longing mounted and he wept at last his dear wife, clear and faithful in his arms”. Emotion is a human like action, but that is not the only action he has, bravery an epic hero and physical strength.
Odysseus bravery he has shown is an epic hero feature. When Odysseus was in the Land of the Cyclops, his team and he had worked together and stabbed Polyphemus in the eye (962). “Straight forward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed it deep in his crater eye”. By him stabbing Polyphemus in the eye he had shown bravery that he and his team could stab someone’s eye that was bigger and tougher than them. Odysseus showed bravery in a lot of island but the few that are shown are just one of many tough challenges. When Odysseus faced another monster that was larger than him and had six heads and his name was Scylla. Odysseus was ready to fight a...

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