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Is Health Insurance For Everyone Essay

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Recently President Obama has enacted new Health Care Reforms requiring everyone to have some form of insurance. Many citizens have a problem with being forced to buy insurance that is to expensive; or finding insurance policies that are affordable monthly, but the copays are too expensive to ever be able to use their policies. There is also the issue of some people do not believe in western medicine and have other practices of healing. I feel that it is unfair to make people finically or morally burdened by forcing them to buy health insurance. I know many people who would rather pay a fine than be forced into something they do not want or cannot afford. THIS LEADS TO THE ARGUMENT IS IT FAIR ...view middle of the document...

Some would rather pay then be forced into a decision based on the principle of freedom. U.S. News reports that nearly four million people refused or failed to sign up for health insurance, and will pay the penalty in 2015. The financial tests to avoid a penalty include having family income that is too low to require filing a federal tax return. Using 2010 rules, this would be less than $9,350 for an individual and $18,700 for a family (us news). There are some ways of getting around paying a penalty, the question now is it fair to apply a penalty for people choosing not to have insurance? In a country built of freedom and liberties I would have to say no.
For the citizens who do not believe in western medicine, or people who practice other forms of healing, should they be force to carry insurance they will never use? I personally practice natural forms of medicine, I use homeopathic remedies for illnesses and I gave birth to my children at home. I go to the doctor if it is something out of my knowledge or something more serious. I do not think people should not have the right to that choice. When I had my first two children in a hospital it cost around fifteen thousand dollars; with my last two children’s home births it was four thousand for all my prenatal treatment and the birth. Insurance would not pay for this because...

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