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Is Hitler To Blame For The Second World War?

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Although facts and dates are well known concerning the Second World War, Historians are still debating today who or what caused the outbreak of it. The main figure receiving the blame is Adolf Hitler who, with no doubt, played an important role during and before the War. But can he be entirely blamed to have started the war? There are many other factors as to what could have started the war such as the appeasement Britain and France presented.Germany was also devastated by the harsh terms of the Versailles Treaty; this caused Hitler to want justice for his country. Was he to blame for the War?Hitler was a very aggressive figure before and during the Second World War. His nationalism drove him to do anything for an improved Germany. He aimed to expand Germanys "lebensraum", the space in which Germans lived. There were thousands of German speaking Germans in Austria and Czechoslovakia and he claimed they should belong to Germany.The embarrassing defeat of the First World War made Hitler want to experience glory and victory and he was willing to fight for it.Many historians believe that Hitler intended a major war from the beginning, he hated communism and wanted to destroy Russia. To do so he had to invade through Poland and destroy it, here by staying neutral with Russia. Historians such as Hugh Trevor-Roper believed this theory. If this theory were correct then the war was inevitable as Hitler would have had his plan of action from the start.His invasion on Austria was understandable since there were millions of Germans being withheld from their own country. His invasion on Czechoslovakia is debatable though since the space he invaded contained over 1 million non-Germans.Finally Hitler crossed the line by invading Poland on 1 September 1939, again to gain lebensraum. This aggressive offensive move caused Britain and France to react which was completely necessary. Without Hitler's invasions the other countries would not have had a reason to declare a war, but there were many other factors involved.Without the ongoing appeasement presented mainly by Britain's Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and France, Hitler could have been stopped early on before any serious damage could be done. Appeasement is the act "of avoiding war with aggressive powers such as Japan, Italy and Germany by giving way to their demands, providing they were not too unreasonable" .Chamberlain did not want Britain entering another War, especially not against more than one country since the British army was not yet strong enough. He chose to appease Hitler and tried to turn him into a civilized person by meeting up with him several times. This, of course, did not work and Hitler continued to concentrate on expanding Germany's lebensraum. When Hitler sent troops into the demilitarized zone of the Rhineland, Chamberlain and the French did not show any signs of resistance except the usual protests. This encouraged Hitler to try more outraging things with his troop since he...

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