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Is Homelessness A Big Problem In America?

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Ever drove or walked pass a homeless shelter and wondered how so many people got there? According to the American Aid Foundation, “Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.” Getting a paycheck every two weeks does not mean a person cannot become homeless. Many would think only drug abuse and being poor are the reasons for homeless. There are many other ways to become homeless and for some people it becomes permanent. Many people that are homeless are single with kind, had/have welfare and do not have much work experience. The children are so youth that they develop emotional and mental problems. Drug and alcohol abuse become greater once people become homeless. With the proper assistance, all of that could be changed. Although America is the wealthiest country, increasing population of homeless people is becoming a depressing and worrisome problem.
Homeless is the condition in which people are unable to uphold a protected and sheltered home. People that are homeless can either be on the street, in a shelter or in the foster system. There are many demographic characteristics of people that experience some type of homelessness. For example, “35% of the homeless populations are families with children, which is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population” (National Student Campaign). Even though the parents of the families struggle more, they try to not let their children live in a shelter. They would rather send them to a close relative because of the lack of safety at shelters. There are 30% of people that have experienced domestic abuse that are homeless. It will mostly be the woman that runs away from a domestic violence partner, but she doesn’t have anywhere to go so she ends up being homeless. There are 25% of 18 years and younger children that are homeless. The main reason children are homeless is because of family struggles. Once they are homeless, people do not help so they stay homeless. There are approximately 23.5% of those who undergo a mental illness. They are not getting the proper help (medication) to keep their self-stable enough to not be homeless. Finally they are 23% of those that are US Veterans that are also homeless. Veterans become homeless because of substance abuse, disabilities, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or lack of benefits. There are many different characteristics of people that are homeless.
Not everyone go through the same endeavors to become homeless. There is three main reasons people become homeless: poverty, unemployment and lack of affordable houses. Poverty is when there is not enough money for support. If people do not have enough money for their needs, they will need to do cutbacks. Once they start cutting back, they get behind on bills and either get evicted or have to foreclose. They are plenty of homeless individuals that are still employed. Yet they are homeless because they do not make enough to be financially stable. Even though some people may be...

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