Is Homeschooling Too Good To Be True?

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Other than the negative moral and social impacts on the children due to homeschooling, there are also some problems about homeschooling that the parents must face. Parents who homeschool seem to have no time for anything. They are constantly working and homeschooling. This leaves them little free time to do what they wish. They have little time to spend with their friends, spend leisure time by themselves, or doing the things they love. Of course, they have plenty of time to spend with their children, but most of that is spent teaching and not parenting them (Roberts).
Another negative aspect of homeschooling to the parents is the cost of it. Parents have to buy supplies, buy a license (if they are in one of the heavily regulated states), and buy various amounts of teaching supplies (Roberts). On the contrary, public schooling is oftentimes free, or very inexpensive. Public schools are, in most states, provided for free by the state governments. Along with that, schools that do cost money will provide some things for free if the student's family is in the low-income bracket. These include lunches, transportation, and in some cases, school supplies. Public schools are set up to help kids get an education one way or another. So not matter how much a family makes or what school their children attend, the end result will always be cheaper.
Aside from all the negative effects of homeschooling, there are some positive aspects of this method of schooling. Some parents actually find it more convenient to homeschool their children. This may be because the closest available school in their area happens to be miles away and the school does not provide transportation to their area. Gas is really expensive these days, so it is a must to save as much money on gas as possible. Other than the problem with money, some parents work early shifts that prevent them from taking their kids to school. And most parents cannot work whatever shifts they please. Depending on where they work, their schedules might not be that flexible.
Learning for some can actually be easier when learning at home than learning in a public school. There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that there are little to no distractions from other students when learning at home. In public schools, it is extremely easy to get distracted from others. This can cause the child's grade to suffer as he or she is not getting enough done in school. Because of this, they will end up with a lot of homework and will find it hard to complete it all. They can always ask to sit somewhere else, but that does not mean teachers are always willing to allow them to move. And even if they did, what would the student do if they move to a seat that is surrounded by people who are just as distracting, if not more?
It is also easier for children to learn because they do not have to deal with bullies at school. It does not matter what school one attends, there are always going to be others there to...

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