Is Homework Necessary, Or Is It Just A Waste Of Time?

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"Homework, as I understand, is a practice and review of lessons learned as part of your studies, not an instrument that forces students to relearn an entire lesson," comments Dr. George Roberts, a renowned psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Roberts does not believe in assigning students enormous amounts of homework because he considers it unnecessary and a waste of time. However, not all school boards concur with Dr. Roberts, since they perceive homework as an essential part of education and learning. Most people will agree that homework is an essential part of education, but the question is, how much homework should be assigned on a daily basis? Everyone may have different opinions on how much homework should be assigned, but here is my stance on the situation. I believe that the homework load that teachers can assign should be limited so that students will not accumulate too much stress, get enough sleep, and have more free time to enjoy their hobbies and spend with their family and friends.First of all, extremely exorbitant amounts of homework have been causing stress in many teenagers. What comes to mind when you think about stress? Competitions, performances, or homework? Amazingly, homework is one of the top stress providers for students. 13 out of 100 teenage suicides are related to stress buildup at school, specifically from the large amounts of homework. Excess homework has even been proven to cause an increased maturing rate of hair, also known as the graying of hair. I've had my own experiences of stress caused by homework, and they weren't too pleasant. One day, my social studies teacher assigned me to a group. Unfortunately, most members of my group were uncooperative. Thus, I had to bring the entire project home to finish, along with the usual homework load. This stressed me out considerably, since I was persistent in getting a good grade. Stress is a part of daily life, but you may realize that having too much of it is not healthy for your mind or body.Secondly, the colossal homework load has been forcing students to stay up late during the night, losing time on valuable sleep. Remember the times when you fell asleep in class? These incidents are not caused by lack of interest in a subject, rather, more correctly associated with the lack of sleep that the student acquired during the previous night. 6 out of 10 students surveyed by local school board admitted that their lack of focus was due to the minimal amount of sleep the students received after a night of completing their homework assignments. I am able to relate to these students, as I have had nights where I was unable to complete my homework. On some days, I am assigned a group project in addition to the already large homework load. On even worse days, I take private instrumental lessons for 2.5 hours. By the time I complete my homework assignments, it is 1:00 AM! The amount of sleep I lose on those nights does not allow me to use all of my effort and...

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