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Is Hosting The Olympic Games Bring Any Benefit To The Host Countries?

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In every major sports event, like the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics, there’s always a huge celebration and a positive vibes surrounding such events. Hosting these events are usually a great honor to the selected countries and bring a lot of favorable consequences with it. However, no one realized that whenever these big sporting events occur and are hosted, brings as much negative consequences which counterbalances all the good things that comes with it. So, the question remains, is the Olympics a Cash Cow or a Money Pit to the hosting countries? In my opinion, the Olympics could actually bring more benefit that loss to the selected countries to host it, which are to bring positive economic and cultural benefits, either a Legacy or a Money pit for the hosting countries, hosting this event could promote development for the educational legacy and finally eradicating poverty throughout the citizens.
Firstly, being the host of a major sporting event such as the Olympics could actually benefit the hosting countries’ economic and cultural benefits of the Olympics. The Olympics have a very wide reach in this modern day with. This is a plus especially with the existence of today’s social media and the Internet. In the economic side, it could actually be a very powerful marketing and publishing tool for the host country. With all the present technology that is available nowadays, it actually is a good way to promote a certain country to the world. This eventually increase the economic level of the country that is hosting it, as they will receive visitors from all over the world and they will eventually spend their money to the host countries, thus improving their economics. Winbey (2014) states that the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics are sometimes cited as a model of reasonable success. The 2012 London Olympics’ consequences continue to be analyzed; U.K. government estimates suggest there was significant benefit, though independent analyses urge caution, as conclusions are likely premature. In addition to that, hosting the Olympic Games would help boost the tourism business of the city, before, during and after the event occurs. This is because, with the number of tourists coming to the country hosting the games, the tourism business would blossom as not all the tourists know their way around the host country. Therefore, these tourism businesses could actually receive a boost from the event, before, during and after. Finally, when the Olympic Games become the major attraction of the country, it could eventually promote the country’s unique culture. This is possible due to the huge number of tourist who usually came to the hosting countries. For example, if Malaysia host’s the Olympics, the tourist who comes to Malaysia would actually get a chance to experience all the different variance of cultural ways here in Malaysia, where we have such unique multiracial culture here.
Besides helping both economically and culturally, there are still question of most...

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