Is Human Cloning Legal? Essay

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Human cloning has not been legally used in humans because many people and experts are still discussing its effectiveness, worthiness and effect on humanity. Human cloning, also known as human genetic engineering, can be divided into two main types, which are therapeutic cloning, growing cloned tissue from individual, and reproductive cloning, genetically identical copy of an individual. Human cloning have drawn people’s attention because people are become more concerned about health problems and tried to find a methodology that can help them live longer and better; human cloning seems to be one of the possible choices. However, it is still being discussed its trade-off between benefits and ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, with therapeutic cloning, the number of people waiting for organ donation is likely to be decreased and the problem of organ shortage may be solved. In addition, human cloning in the form of reproductive cloning may provide an alternative way of having a genetically related offspring for infertile and same sex couples. Chambers (2002) & Staicu (2012) state that reproductive cloning may be a good solution for homosexual couples to have a child, and it can help infertile couples to overcome their health problems. As a result, a number of health-related benefits seem to be found in both types of human cloning and these benefits could provide a better life for people.

Human cloning not only has several medical benefits but can also contribute to the advanced knowledge of humanity. The theory of human cloning can be learned, adapted and extended to other fields in many ways. This biotechnology has destroyed the limit of people’s knowledge about the human body in depth, which will provide many further benefits. Learning more about disease therapy and extend it to the pharmaceutical field is one of these benefits. Embryonic stem cell and cloning research could be used as cellular models to understand the cause of the diseases and could be used to test new drugs (Devolder & Savulesca, 2006). Furthermore, therapeutic cloning has a successful tendency of curing several genetic disorders such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. For instance, in January 2005, the Japanese team had great success in healing a monkey with Parkinson’s disease by using the embryonic stem cell method (Devolder & Savulesca, 2006). The success of therapeutic cloning in animal testing can lead to further research and experiments in humans, which may find the solution for many diseases.

Although there are many benefits mentioned above, human cloning has serious risks to human life and one of the most significant risks is its negative impact on human safety. During the process of human cloning both therapeutic and reproductive, there are a number of uncontrollable factors. These factors can interfere with the results of the cloning processes and can cause of losses and injuries in human, especially in women who have been used in the experiment. The success rate of cloning experienced with animals is very low at approximately 1%, and critical organ malformations also found; the tendency of abnormal chromosome during cell division is likely to occur around 50% in human cloning (Sadeghi, 2007 & Fulka, Langerova & Loi, 2013). These statistics mean that this process has a high rate of failure and could cause negative effects on human life. Moreover, human cloning can also lead to the loss of human genetic diversity because it changes the pattern of life generating. Normally, life is generated under sexual reproduction through the process of mixing and matching chromosomes and this...

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