Is Immigration A Negative Effect On The United States?

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Is Immigration a Negative Effect on the United States?When someone from another country thinks of the United States of America they usually think of the land of opportunity or the home or the free. Millions and millions of immigrants for over four centuries have been coming to the United States and how made this country what it is today (Martin, par. 19). Every year more and more of them came to America with the intention of making new lives and finding new jobs for themselves here in the United States. With immigration growing here in the United States there has become a big change to the form of the American population, just as they have done all throughout the history of the United States (Gelfand and Yee, par. 1). As more and more people of different races and cultures enter the United States and the culture of this country changes, immigration becomes a more intensely debated issue.With the United States becoming more populated ever year, this country is still welcoming in immigrants. The United States estimates that around one million immigrants are entering the country each year (Martin, par. 6). The people of Mexico were welcomed into America in the early 1900's when the United States built a railway into Mexico. When the United States and Mexico first build a rail system to connect the two countries there was a demand for labor and this lead to the first flow of Mexican immigrants into the United States (Massey 5). Mexican immigrants are still the highest number of immigrants that are entering the United States each year (Massey 13). Many Americans who are considered less-skilled now earn less money and have fewer job opportunities because they must now compete with immigrants in the job market (Martin, par. 10). With the current U.S. economy, there are millions of people out of work. Now whether they lack the skills or there are no opportunities for them, many people are forced to take low-paying, unskilled jobs just to make some money. So if more immigrants continue to come into the U.S. each year seeking jobs, it decreases the amount of work available. At this point, immigration contributes for about 25 percent of the U.S. labor force and this is mainly because of low native birth rates and high levels of immigration (Martin, par. 11). If more immigrants are allowed to enter the United States each year it may only lead to more opportunities for terrorists, drug dealers, and other criminals ("Similarities and Differences in anti-immigrant attitudes and actions."). Most of the drugs and weapons that a person sees on the streets of this country can be traced back to other countries, which means that someone brought them in illegally. For immigrants that are drug dealers and criminals the opportunities that are offered in the United States to expand their illegal businesses are endless. Once these people are able to get their business into this country, it allows them practically a free opportunity to buy and sell whatever they want...

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