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Is Internet Censorship Really A Good Idea?

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After the internet became available to the new generation, there came a great concern regarding its substantial and beneficial usage. As soon as internet became popular among the people, so is its being controversial. There had been lots of issues fought concerning the internet usage, especially the measure of what things are appropriate and inappropriate, what are those that can be accessed and what are those that cannot. As questions piled from one another, and issues are getting more and more pervasive, the government, alarmed by the threat internet and its technicalities, has made a protocol which was definitely good and particularly bad too. This protocol was the controversial term ...view middle of the document...

The government had taken one more step ahead of its constituents in determining what would be the good for the society, what are the things that can enhance and elevate the people's understanding and mind processes. It is a living proof of how our government strives hard and works on preserving the welfare of its people. Unfortunately, other people are not very fond and happy of what the government had done for them. Instead of being grateful for the particularly noble act that the government had implemented, many people had thought that their freedom and rights had been hampered by the said implementation. The measurement that supposedly should be protecting the citizens against the malicious and fraudulence of internet activities had only become another means for the bad people to do more harm and dispel national order using the most easiest means, and that is through internet and everything connected with it (Zuchora-Walske, 2010, p. 2).
This research paper will no longer be dealing with the bad effects or the disadvantages of internet censorship but rather on the good things and benefits that it had provided the moderate and fast paced world of internet. Definitely, it had provided the new generation of a good way of controlling everything regarding the internet usage. This paper will be an eye opener on the factual and good things that internet censorship had provided. It can be noticed that there are lots of clamors and protests regarding this particular censorship, However, as long as we will be opened-minded to lots of possibilities and goodness of everything, the light and beauty of internet censorship will dawn to us. Internet censorship has made and conformed by our government because they have thought that it would be for the behest of us. In understanding the true nature of internet and its censorship, one can be aware of all its benefits and can duly act on behalf of its disadvantages. This short research paper will focusing on what the internet censorship had done in the past decades and how is it doing up until today. Later on, readers can decide if internet censorship was really a good thing or not.
What is Internet Censorship?
There have been many definitions for internet censorship. It depends from country to country where it is implemented. Some countries are not very strict with the implementation but there are also some that had intensive and super heavy sanctions and protocols regarding the so called internet censorship (Axelrod-Contrada, 2006, p. 8).
As the new generation uses the internet in many different places for many different important activities, there is definitely an increase and surge in online censorship especially that people are becoming more savvy and techier beyond normal, using rather more sophisticated techniques. It is for a fact that the motives, effectiveness, scope and usages of internet really vary from country to country. It will be beneficial to know that these state-mandated filtering are...

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