Is Iraq War Similar To The Vietnam War?

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From a distant view, the last two wars that America fought against international condemnation, the Vietnam War and the Iraq War, seem to be extremely different. However, on a closer look, the wars seem essentially the same.First let us look at the differences; the first one is obviously, the time-frame. Vietnam, a country a part of the French Indochina, was long struggling for its independence, ever since the World War I, first against the French, then against the Japanese, and then again against the French. On the contrary, Iraq did not really have to fight for its independence, which it was granted by the British on 1936, the territory not being of much use to them.When the French left Vietnam, it was obvious to President Eisenhower that Ho Chi Minh would win any possible election Vietnam would have. A significant different between the history of Vietnam and Iraq is that Vietnam was a supporter of the Allied Powers in the Second World War, in the war against Japan, whereas Iraq was on the other side. Ho Chi Minh, although a Communist, had been a great admirer of the West, the United States in particular, directly reiterating the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Vietnamese declaration of independence. He saw the American Revolution as an independence movement, but as a Communist revolution. In contrast, the Iraqi Baathists or jihadists, have always been anti-West, and anti-United States, and would be more similar to the Khmer Rouge, instead of the Viet Cong.Vietnam was a country that had not invaded any neighboring countries, besides Cambodia, which it did in self-defense, in response to the constant encroachment of Cambodia on Vietnamese territory. In comparison, Iraq invaded Iran and Kuwait.Vietnam had not been a country under any international sanctions, for developing or possessing "weapons of mass destruction," like Iraq. Neither did Vietnam commit genocide, annihilating its own ethnic minorities, such as the "Anfal" campaign by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds.Unlike in Iraq, Vietnam never had any car bombings, hijackings or suicide bombings occur on international soil, nor were there any international terrorist organizations accommodated in Vietnam.In South Vietnam, it wasn't known whether the guerrillas were self-supported, or were being supported by North Vietnam. However, it has been said that the Viet Cong were being given supplies by the countries of the Warsaw Pact and China, and hence were able to challenge the American forces. The Iraqi insurgents, however, were a minority, and geographically localized, and self-supported with not much external aid.The context on which the two wars were fought is also different. The Vietnam War was fought to for the "Containment" of Communism, to prevent a Domino Effect. The Iraq War, it can be said, was fought for military power on the Persian Gulf, the site of around 55% of the world's oil supplies.The Iraqi insurgents are no comparison to the Viet Cong, who were a much larger threat, and had...

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