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Is It A Good Thing To Have Class Based Political Parties?

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Is it a Good Thing to have Class-Based Political Parties?
This paper posits to defend the position that class-based political parties cannot be considered appropriate in the contemporary world. Among the Marxist left, political polarization is normally portrayed as an express indication of conflict among the social classes, where the working class depicts the natural support base for the left. This analysis is increasingly becoming detached from reality in contemporary years, where the orthodox Marxist political parties are declining in Western Europe. These class-based political parties have also experienced diminished credibility in terms of their foundational ideology.
The communist manifesto endeavors to propagate the premise that, society is fundamentally founded on a class structure that forms the foundation for class struggles. In defending its position regarding the significance of class-based political parties, the communist manifesto illustrates how the society has been stratified from the ancient Rome, and middle Ages eras. Marx and Engels (2) endeavors to defend the rationale of class-based political parties by asserting that, the contemporary bourgeois society has not discarded class antagonisms that have their roots in the remnants of the feudal society. The conjecture in this allegation is that, the contemporary bourgeois society has founded new classes, conditions of repression, and forms of struggles to replace the previous ones. The communist manifesto posits that, in the contemporary times, the bourgeoisie has only simplified the fundamental class rivalries since the society is increasingly divided into two increasingly antagonistic camps, namely the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.
This position may be illustrated by the way class inequalities inform political process as well as outcomes. It is evident that, even in the contemporary society class differences exist, and these disparities are usually manifested in political participation including partisanship, and voting patterns. According to Madison (1), this position is exemplified in the criticisms that emanate from a disgruntled citizenry, whose contention arises from the premise that the public good is usually ignored in the conflicts of antagonist political parties. In this perspective, the class-based political parties should be regarded as platforms that facilitate the manipulation of the weaker class, which forms minority parties, by the overbearing majority. This scenario generates a situation where the stronger party becomes the judge in its own cause, and consequently the party’s interests generate biased judgments concerning the public good.
Class-Based Political Parties and Political Outcomes. While in a majority of political models class is perceived to hold modest impact in regard to voting patterns, it is imperative to consider how alterations in the class structure informs political outcomes. In analyzing...

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