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Child Development Research: Is It All In The Parenting Style?

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Do you have a child or are you getting a child soon? Are you concerned about dealing with his/her behavior? Are you interested in knowing which parenting style fits your child? In this essay, I’m going to discuss an interview that I have done with two parents about their child, and I will link it to multiple theories or subjects that are related to child development, so you can deal with your own child in an appropriate way. First of all, I’m going to discuss the biological beginnings, which is related to parents about preparing for pregnancy and birth. Second, I’m going to introduce the parenting styles according to psychologists and how these styles influence the child and affect his physical development, such as physical well-being. Finally, I’m going to talk about “Bronfrenbrenner model” which is related to the effects that influence the child.

The child that I’m going to talk about is named Hassan. He is 5 years old, first grade student. Hassan was born in Bahrain, but he is living with his family in Australia since he was 2 years old. He is smart boy. Also, he likes drawing and playing with other kids. In his home he mostly speaks Arabic, but sometimes he speaks English because they are living in Australia, and he’s speaking English the whole time in school with his friends. So, sometimes he can’t express what he wants in Arabic. Hassan only has one sister, and he is the youngest.

While I was talking with Hassan’s mother, she told me that she was preparing herself emotionally before getting Hassan. On the one hand, she read books about pregnancy, baby growth, and attended childbirth classes. On the other hand, she said that she wish someone told her to put a schedule for her. After she got the child, her life wasn’t going in a appropriate way. The sleeping hours of the child and his mother were getting less, because she wasn’t prepared for that. She believes that every family has different ways and thoughts to prepare themselves. In my opinion, I think that preparing is the first and the most important step before getting a child. Mothers should prepare themselves for pregnancy in order to get a healthy and well-being child. Sometimes families already have their own way of living. In other words, they are prepared for something but they don’t know about it, because it is part of their lives. So you have to prepare yourself in appropriate way before getting the child. To do so, you have to “start preparing before conception, watch diet, take approved vitamin supplements, do exercise, and avoid over the counter medications” (Mawhinney, Biological beginnings, PowerPoint, slide2). Also, after birth parents should consider their daily life schedule in order to get enough sleep." newborns need to sleep between 16 to 18 hours, and it declines when they grow up and become adults they need between 8.5 to 10 hours of sleep" (Mawhinney, Physical development, PowerPoint, slide8). parents should but that in consideration for their child's physical...

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