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Is It Really Necessary To Have A Certificate In Order To Be A Paralegal?

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There has been a issue for years when one hears three words as simple as regulating Paralegal profession .The Supreme Court has been trying to enforce paralegals to be certified in order to call them self paralegals, for years. The real question still at hand is who will benefit from it and who will not. Is it really necessary to have a Certificate in order to be a paralegal if one has performed the job for years without it. What are the benefits and what are the cons. Will being a certified paralegal make one look more professional, or will it just trigger confusion between say am a paralegal and am a certified paralegal.
On 2007, the Supreme Court of Florida adopted a voluntary program for the registration of paralegals under chapter 20 of the Rule Of Regulating the Florida Bar. The Program would include a two-tie system for paralegals. The first tie includes those paralegals who meet the requirements of Florida State Bar Rule 10-2., which states a paralegal as a person that has training or work experience and does substantive work for which a lawyer is responsible. Tier two paralegals would have to meet more experience, educational continuing, training and certification to hold them as a "Florida Registered Paralegal." This program became effective 2008.
Many disputes and are is favor of enforcing licensing paralegals in order to protect the profession and the public. In an article “Florida Bills Propose Paralegal Licensing” they are in favor of making licensing mandatory, they state that:

"We're a group of professionals that want to protect the integrity of the profession and feel legislation is the way to do that," said Mark Workman, a Miami-based Gunster paralegal who is past president of the Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations and the South Florida Paralegal Association. "There are people out there that say to the public that they have those professional designations they don't have, and they dupe the public. We feel if we have the legislation in place, we'll have a means to avoid that...

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