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Is It Because Where I Was Raised? Or My Parents?

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Children are 24% of the world population; therefore children are the future of every nation in the world (Addy). It is important to care about their developments. However, different cultures have different ways of raising their children. Some believe that heredity plays an important role on how children will behave, and some argue that children are as malleable pieces of clay; they can be character into whatever shape by the environment (Harris, 20). There has always a large controversy around the issues of weather heredity or environment affect how children are being raised. The debates between weather nature and nurture characterize children’s behavior have been around for centuries. Scientists believe that surrounding environment has massive influences children’s personality, development, behavior, intelligence and ability. The ideal environment to raise children depends upon what is needed in order for the children to be succeeded. Family from small town will argue that raising children in a big city is ideal because there are more opportunity for the kids. While family from big city will argue that raising a child in a small town is the best because close bonds between family member and there are less distraction from the city, specifically drug. In addition to that, a happy and protective childhood will help children succeed in their future, and also children who involved in multi-dimensional explorations such as safe and healthy places, favored places, parentally-approved places, educative places, and culturally-approved places helps enhance children’s understanding on children’s behavioral, social skill, and intelligence. Hence, the surrounding environment has a profound impact and effective on children’s social, intelligence, behavioral, and physical developments.
First and forth most, environment can affect children’s social skill. Studies have shown that friendship serve as an important function in developing children’s social skill; children who get along with other children tend to have better adult adaptation (Asher 273). However, if children we raise in a non-friendly environment, they are most likely to have problem socializing with other people when they grow up. Statistic shows that 19.5 percent of children from the low-income family are afraid to go out in their neighborhood compared to only 8.7 of the children from nonpoor family, which is more than twice the percent (Brooks 59). The reason behind this is parents are either fearful of their children being influenced from other children such as learning bad languages and involving in gang members. The 19.5 percent of children who are afraid to go out side are most likely stay home and play with toy or video games that could result in lack of social skill when they grow up. On top of that, 5.4 percent of poor children are reported child abuse and neglect violent crimes compared to only 0.8 percent from nonpoor children (Brooks 59). This cause children to feel lack of attention...

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