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Is It Cute Or Crossing The Line?

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With influences like Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and Victoria’s Secret, the fashion industry has begun to focus more on sex instead of fashion. Unfortunately, fashion does not just focus on adults, but also on children. With new trends and fads being expressed, concerns have become undeniable; especially when it comes to fashion’s decisions on young girls’ clothing. The fashions of young girls no longer promote an essence of cuteness but of sexiness. With young models posing provocatively with close to nothing on, it seems as though, the sexualization of children has become a promising way for designers to make a profit; instead of focusing on their actual designs. Overall, the fashion industry and designers have become more acceptable with sexualizing young girls in order to sell their products, coincidentally, taking away a girls’ innocence and respect for themselves, while doing this.
Using a staged photograph of ten-year-old, French model, Thylane Blondeau, posing provocatively in the January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris, for the newly launched, Jour Aprés Lunes lingerie line, unfortunately illustrates the ongoing controversial issue of the fashion industry sexualizing young girls. The image depicted in the Vogue Paris promoted Sophie Morin’s new line, titled Jour Aprés Lunes; a lingerie line for girls, ages four to twelve. Adorn from head-to-toe in Jour Aprés Lunes’ new fashions, Blondeau posed provocatively at the camera; hands behind her head, bare-legs slightly crossed and bent, and stomach fully exposed as she lay on a white lounge chair, decorated with two miniature monochromatic pillows. With Jacki O’Style sunglasses disguising her eyes and exposing her childish smile, Blondeau models the new black and white polka-dot triangular crop top, along with the popular, baby-pink colored panties, and matching pearl headband in her caramel-colored hair, in honor of the Jour Aprés Lunes line.
Even though the photograph was meant as means of positively promoting the child-based lingerie line, its emotion was perceived otherwise. The photograph captures the concerned emotional reaction of women and men around the world. Any reader of the January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris, saw ten-year-old, Blondeau, exposed in an inappropriate way. With children being so gullible to change, the idea in a parents’ mind was the fact that they did not want their children to follow what they witness in a magazine. The concern for the Blondeau image arose when individuals began to realize that even child predators were able to access the photograph. With a ten-year-old child sexually posing in an adult magazine, stomachs turned. Personally, fashion should promote an idea of respect and comfortability with one’s body and create a positive emotional response. Therefore, with an image of a close-to-nude child and an audience ranging from individuals of all statuses, negative emotions embodied most readers. Falling short of what many readers, including myself, want to...

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