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Is It Ethical To Clone Humans?

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Human Cloning refers to creating a genetically identical copy of an organism including its DNA. It incorporates with Asexual Reproduction tricking a somatic cell into reproducing into an embryo, which later transforms into a human clone. The ethics of cloning is an extremely controversial issue. Many disagree because of their religious manner and considering it “playing with god” while others debate it is a good idea because it assists woman who are infertile with a blessing of children. However, Human Cloning should be illegal because of its health risks, loss of gene diversity and the divisive issue; playing with God.
Human Cloning should be illegal due to many health risks and the poor cloning success rates. A stat from 2012 explains that, “Clones have a 95% problem rate in miscarriage, debilitating conditions and deformities.” Human cloning could also affect the lifespan of the clone. While this might be true some debate that cloning infants can eliminate all worrying regarding the clone’s health. Scientist can alter the genes to ensure a healthy child. For example, if a mother has cloned 2 children, which suffer from Down’s syndrome. Doctors can manipulate and balance out the number of chromosomes in the embryo and give a healthy clone. This can assure that the baby lives a long life. However this is scientifically proven wrong after the first experiment on Dolly the Sheep. Before Dolly was formed scientists experimented on from 277 cell fusions, and only 29 early embryos developed. Off those 29, only 1 embryo successfully turned into a clone. There will also be a problem with the clone life span versus the biological life span the clone has already gained many years by the time it was born because it was taken from an adult cell. This causes the clone too live half the life of the adult cell. Therefore, human cloning should not be allowed.
Due to Human Cloning a loss of gene diversity will occur. When gene diversity is lost among humans, natural gene mutations will eventually occur. Bacteria or viruses will have the health and. Every human should have a right to own themselves a unique identity. Cloning would cause humans to lose their sense of freely creating their own future. However, some argue that cloning humans could help with artificial selection and genetic modification. Scientists think cloning would help humans control their evolvement. This would give human a choice for creating more artists, athletes, and scientists etc. This would also benefit human...

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