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Is It Ethical To Use Corn Or Rice To Make Fuel (Ethanol) Instead Of Using It For Food?

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Food and energy are the main issues that were mentioned the most in 21st century. The world population has reached over seven billion by the time we are writing this essay (Worldometers, 2014). It means that the amount of food and energy consumed will be rising promptly. We do not know whether people would choose food crops or fuel crops to satisfy their needs, but from our point of view, producing ethanol by corn and rice is good for all economy, environment and social benefits.
First, producing ethanol from corn or rice is really economic. The first benefit of corn-based ethanol would be on agriculture and industry. Corn is cheap and easy to produce domestically; therefore, producers do ...view middle of the document...

Fuel ethanol reduces CO2 emissions, and protects the surface of agricultural land. “Since 1995, ethanol produced from corn became important as gasoline, which burn more cleanly and reduce tailpipe emissions” (Tiffany, 2009). Accordingly, there is no reason for us to oppose producing and using corn-based fuels.
Third, rice and corn are not main food for human nowadays. Some people believed that using rice and corn for bio-fuels is not ethical. Millions of people face death every day because of lacking of edibles while a huge amount of rice and corn is used for ethanol production. But actually, those people forgot rice and corn are not the only sources of foods for humans and animals anymore. At present, due to the development of social, human foods concern more about quality instead of quantity, so people would focus on producing more meat, fruits, vegetables and other kind of cereals such as wheat, rye, oats, millet, and barley to eat. They include protein, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, and vitamins that have more nutritional value than rice and corn. Hence,...

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