Is It Possible To Be A Verbal Intelligent?

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Watching TV and listening to radio broadcasts, an audience would notice splendid speakers who are able to present marvelous speeches that impress their audience. This arouses the question of whether great speakers are born with ability of using words in a way that affect people, or whether they were given a special kind of training that entitled them to be good speakers and writers. Despite the widespread belief that verbally intelligent people were born with this language ability, the truth is that the process of linguistic intelligence is acquired, not innate. Anyone can be a verbally intelligent person through learning and training in the use of the right word in the right place. Also, a person who has speech impediments and disorders can be a good speaker through learning and training. There are many examples of famous people who succeeded in being good speakers after suffering from speech impediments.
Psychologists have made many studies to determine the different types of intelligence, and found that there are about nine types of intelligence in the human race(Howard Gardner). Among these kinds of intelligence, verbal intelligence is the most likely kind to be acquired. One of the reasons that makes verbal intelligence an acquired skill is that there are many helpful strategies to increase this skill, such as word games, drawing pictures and writing a story about it, debate and group discussion, reading books and many other activities. Therefore, verbal intelligence is not inherited as what many people may think, but it is an acquired skill that a person can learn and increase. Inherited traits such as skin color, hair color, facial features and others are what can be called the inherited characteristics. People are born with the ability to speak only, but not the ability to use words amazingly.

Another example that explains that verbal intelligence is an acquired skill is that in most cases there is only one member of the family who is verbally intelligent. According to Daniel L. Everett, the writer of “Where Nature and Nurture Clash: Pioneering a New Theory of Language”, the capability of being changed is an essential part of human being. In his article, he indicates that the human mind is influenced by the surroundings rather than by genes. He hints at the great impact of society on individuals. Also, he mentions that once people are released from the idea that they are governed by their genes, they will be more able to solve the problems and overcome troubles. Besides, the options in front of the individuals will be unlimited (Everett).
Likewise, cognitive problems like reading disability is not a genetic problem, according to a research done by Robert Plomin, a professor of human development in the center for Developmental and Health Genetics. In his study titled as “ The Role of Inheritance in Behavior”, he explains the influence of society and genes on behavior and...

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