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Is It Important For Nursing Students To Demonstrate Academic Honesty And Integrity?

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This essay will be examining why nursing students need to demonstrate a high level of honesty and academic integrity in there work. The discussion for this essay will look at why academic honesty and integrity is so important, what is considered academic dishonesty and how can it be managed; and how this can effect clinical situations.
Academic honesty is defined as the use of one's own work, this includes thoughts, materials and workings, in the endeavours of writing papers, taking exams (online or campus based), and other assessable material (Harder, 2014). Academic integrity is the ethical policy of academia. This includes values such as prevention of plagiarism; upholding a high ...view middle of the document...

this has become more common as online assessment is carried out more frequently.(…). Such and such recently explored ways to discourage students both mature and new from plagiarising and found that a greater cooperation among faculty to teach a higher standard and to provide a greater diversity of examples is one way of deterring students from any of the many forms of academic dishonesty. Institutions were also highlighted as a key determining factor to whether or not students would copy work from each other, but supplying evaluation tools and plagiarism checking software it allowed students to realise their mistake and correct themselves.
Honesty and integrity is imperative once nurses enter the clinical setting. Not only can it be harmful to patients but dishonesty in any form isn't tolerated and can put nurses in the firing line with the law and the hospitals polices. Helping students learn how to be honest in an academic sense builds into helping make sure that are aways honest filling in patients charts, drug forms or request forms. (Kenny, 2007)
In the United Kingdom to become a register nurse not only do you have to pass a degree but you must provide and good character report, whilst this may put some educators in a tight spot due to varying differences in the word good and whether or not the actually character of the student is sound; this process does help deter accidental and conscious plagiarism (Sellman, 2007).
As this essay has helped demonstrate and discuss academic honesty and integrity is vital for nursing students and even with the many new “advances” in...

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